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Andy is out of town, off on some European adventure probably scouting for potential tournament fields. For the time being, you’re stuck with me – Christi. I always enjoy reading Andy’s colorful commentary, and it feels weird to post recaps without his intros, but nobody can fill his shoes. So without further ado, here you go.

Martell has been growing a lot, developing chemistry and proving how deep our team is! It’s becoming evident that every game we play is going to be a slugfest. Leading up to the game, Nate started the trash talk early, but little did he know my league ass was backed up by an incredibly strong group.

Martell started out fast and looked fresh, beginning the game with a break and jumping out to a 3-1 lead. Robbie was working hard, coming out of nowhere to D a floaty disc that looked like a sure goal for Victor! Before the game, we had run the classic end zone drill, showing how the cuts from the back work with timing off of swings. It was awesome to see us put it into action in the game, giving us some easy scores!

Not to be outdone, the Lannisters battled back and started throwing some zone. It took us a point or two to figure it out, but we had some brilliant cuts from Erin and Jordan, finding holes in the middle while Sweas and TK calmly played catch when those looks weren’t open. At one point, we got bored of not playing flashy ultimate and TK put a deep throw that I had to turn on the jets for, catching a disc in stride that everyone had assumed was a turnover already. Martell ended up taking half 8-6.

Huge shoutout to Greta who subbed for us on 30 minute notice! She was on fire and the Lannisters saw this. Always a step ahead in their scheming, Jeni and Johnny handed off young Jack to Greta and Judge, keeping some of our strongest members on the sideline. Their plan worked for a bit before we caught on!

The second half was back and forth, but ultimately the Lannisters prevailed, largely due to the play of Magma, Manos, and a couple of their younger women whose names I didn’t catch. We ended promptly at 10 when the lights went out as we were about to receive a pull. 14-13. After all of the back and forth, it’s a tough loss ending the game on-serve to lights. Our post game spirit on the field was lackluster because of the darkness and I wish I could’ve made it known how much I appreciated that game. I suppose that this is the place, although I know it won’t reach everyone.

Additional shoutout to Weinberg who scored goal after goal and even had her first layout (that I have seen) as a successful grab! She’s our not-so-secret weapon on the field and on the dance floor.

The bar happened… I always feel like you have to be there to really get the experience so briefly, we won as always. The moment of realization as they turn the lights fully on that they are closing is always alarming. Greta stayed until the end with Judge and I, which I think proved her real house allegiance.

Losing to the lights sucks. This exact scenario just happened to my team (House Tyrell) against House Greyjoy on Monday. 14-13 and the lights go out. In cases like this, I like to really think of the game as a tie, but I don’t think Ultimate Central handles it that way.

House Lannister moves up to 2-2 with House Martell at 1-3.

Sidenote: Is this the first game of the season that requested a sub? I know I’ve heard from a lot of ladies this season that wanted to play in the sub pool and have been eagerly awaiting a request, but I think most teams have had strong numbers so far. [This is where Andy would put stats of how long the sub pool has existed, most subs requested for one game, most subs requested by one team over the course of a season, etc.]

Updated with a recap from Nate Lannister:

Lannister vs Martell: Drinking Dornish Red

IT IS KNOWN that the Lannisters drink wine. Much wine. Well not Jaime, but Cersei and Tyrion are alcoholics for sure. The best wine in all of Westeros comes from the Martell’s kingdom of Dorne. So let us celebrate a great game, like the duel of the Mountain and the Viper, with Dornish red and GIFs.

We started on O, and the Martells jumped out to a 1-3 lead immediately. Steve “Deeve” Jollota roasts me a few times.

The Lannisters get back in the game though and we take the lead either 5-4 or 4-3 after some clever zone packages we been workin on Jeff Afryl holding it down deep for us.

We Lannisters have some drops, throwaways, and the Martells swing to take half 6-8. We got ourselves a GAME. Both teams take a long half to talk nonsense, which is probably dumb considering we started a little late and we’ve had a grit and grinding game, but Judge and Sweas have been slaying us upline and we must discuss!

We break out of half 7-8, but then trade to the 10-8. They have a couple of guys I’ve never seen before ripping massive bombs. DeVore looks mighty good in his jorts when he skies a pile of us. I may have accidentally grabbed his ass once. Be still my heart. We are friends people I swear.

Then we go on a little run ourselves! We get to 11s! The Duel is on! Our Ladies (Caroline handling and Magma flying deep) are kicking ass. The ladies won us this game. There was a honeypot goal from Nick (Manos) to Claire (Magma) which was delightful.

After a mix of some very long points and some crazy short ones, Lannister takes the one point lead…. we are trading out….. Lannister scores to go up 14-13 and POP the lights go out! Much like how the lights went out for Oberyn when the Mountain…. well… you know


Editors note: WHERE’S THE LOVE FOR JUDGE?? She’s a captain too! Just because DeeVore have their blended name and are slowly becoming one person, doesn’t mean you can skip over Judge!

Also, I have no idea why that one GIF won’t play. I would look into it more, but my lunch break is over and I have real work things to do. I have no idea how Andy does all of this in the middle of the day.


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