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What a week this has been.  Earlier we saw House Tarth become the final team to lose a game this season.  And now Stark is the last one to win a game.  So now everyone in both leagues has won at least one and lost at least one.

But forget about Mixed for a moment.  Have you seen the current standings for Men’s???  I seriously doubt I’ll be getting a recap today from either of those teams, so I’m forced to mention it here.  5 of the 7 teams in Men’s are tied at 3-3!  A five-way tie.  I don’t even want to begin to think about how to resolve that.  Talk to me in a few weeks when more games have been played.  Cause that’s just crazy.

And now, back to Mixed.  Here’s Scott Stark recapping their first W:

House Stark has not had a great start to the season. We had a guy get injured before game 1 who hasn’t played yet and two women have been injured and out for a few weeks, but we’ve generally just been bad at playing ultimate. The consummate “Xs and Os” captain that I am, I have tried a lot of different things to right the ship. I wore different color shorts. I got new Stark socks. I wore different hats and also went with no hat. I drank various beers at the bars after the games. Honestly, I felt like I’d tried everything.

Then C-Note gets a freaking real life dire wolf (pictured with no effects) and Andy freaking Bandit rolls in before Week 7 with our jerseys and it’s like figuring out which sock-hat-shorts combination I wear doesn’t matter.

We started the game against the 2nd place Greyjoys a little bitter that they’d gotten the black jerseys when “grey” is literally in their name and plus, Chain blew the flip, calling “different.” Sadly, the universe made her pay for that mistake later in the game. We started on O and as is tradition, promptly turned it over and my guy scored on me, but I lodged a formal protest because he is very tall. We only had 4 guys at the start and it looked like we were going to have a rough matchup, so we were going to have to rely heavily on our awesome women.

The early part of the game was a lot of feeling out, and we traded points to 4-4 with only that first break. Chin was everywhere as usual but he made a small tweak to his game this week that really paid off – he stopped dropping the disc all the time. I even threw a terrible hammer to no one in particular just to see and he came flying in from nowhere like Arya to get a spectacular layout score.

Alex Carey had taken his sweet time in showing up at 4-4 but his presence was felt immediately as we now had our full compliment of Alexes and promptly got back-to-back breaks to go up 6-4. We traded points to 7-6 (including a perfect huck from Dylan to Alex Carey). Then switched the force on us to backhand, which quickly led to a Carey-to-Avatar huck to take half for the first time this year for House Stark.

At halftime the parks guy came and told both teams we had to move our dire wolves off the field (no dogs at Sepulveda), and this felt in keeping with the Game of Thrones theme. The dogs made a big impression at the start – so cute and lovable. You really felt like they were gonna be an awesome part of the whole thing and then halfway through, they just vanished.

After trading points to open the second half, Clare made an awesome bobbling catch in the back corner for a break and we led 10-7! We traded a few more and then just when things were looking good for the Starks, the universe went full Red Wedding on us. I pulled a hammy and Chain got run over by a bus (Grant).

Down to just four men again, Alex Carey and Chin took over the game along with Avatar. They were spectacular. They avenged Chain (RIP) with a break on the next point to go up 13-9. One other point of note was a play when Clare was coming across the front and Matt was coming in, both really hard. It looked like another really bad collision was coming when a pass went out right in front of both of them and then both got there at exactly the same time. The lights went down, “Dreamweaver” started playing over the PA, they both caught the disc with no collision, and now they’re registered at Macy’s and Bed, Bath and Beyond.

We had by far our best spirited game and played like we’d actually met each other before for the first time all season. With so many guys out, we leaned heavily on our women, who were awesome. Megan, Alex S., Erica, Lauren and C-Note played nearly flawlessly all night and helped carry us to the 15-11 win, which we followed with a dominating performance at the bar.

Now we get to capitalize on this new momentum next week against *checks schedule* our bye week. Damn it.

It’s a fair point that it’s weird Greyjoy is the Black team.  All the logos I found on Greyjoy were black, so it seemed to make sense.  But it sure did fly in the face of how I used to do things, when I was insistent that the color of the team had to be within the team name.  I did it through all of the decades themes, the bar theme, the college theme.  But finally broke away from that tradition with Villains, and haven’t looked back.  (Although if I was still running Summer League in the future, I’d definitely go back to decades for one season to do the Teens.  2010-2019.  And would definitely make all the team names have the color in the name again.  But alas, I’m done.  If the new TD, whoever they are, does choose to do the Teens, I’m available to come up with team names.  Just saying.)

“…then both got there at exactly the same time. The lights went down, “Dreamweaver” started playing over the PA, they both caught the disc with no collision, and now they’re registered at Macy’s and Bed, Bath and Beyond.” That’s solid writing Scott.  Well done.

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  • Scott

    July 18, 2019 at 1:41 pm

    Alex Carey said at the bar that Andy had told him if we had gone winless this season, Alex would have to play a point in the tourney nude. If I had known this, I definitely wold have turfed a few more throw last night.

    Also, “ImPeach Nixon” is my favorite team name I’ve even had (and I was on Team Poop in college).


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