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House Lannister
House Targaryen


Sorry, I can’t do comments today.  Very busy.  But there’s a lot of fun stuff here, so let’s start with Nate Lannister from the winning side with an Ode to Skipper Lannister:

Ruler of the Seven Kingdoms, her grace Skipper Lannister has allowed Sir Nate to “lead” her Lions this season. Hucks beyond your reach and wisdom beyond your years, Lady Skipper knows no equal. In a game of checkers, she is playing chess; in a game of thrones, she is playing checkers. Lady Skipper has surpassed the true role of handler, and now refuses to throw anything but goals. If you play straight up, you invite a perfect huck. If you go no around it is already too late. After every throw she will weep and whisper into your ear “broken, again,” as she flies past to get the disc back.

She weeps for your body, broken and beaten. She weeps for your mark, broken and beaten. She weeps for your spirit, broken and beaten. She weeps because she knows she will never be contained. She weeps for you, and she weeps for me. She weeps for how much time she has left on this earth. Lady Skipper has already been declared a league champion ten times over, and has refused every offer.

Beware. After starting 0-2 we’ve gone 6-1 since!

And from the other side, this is Josue Targaryen’s son Micah Targaryen with a video recap:


If you can’t read it, the transcript is HERE.

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