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[Posted by Christi, not Andy]

I think it’s pretty awesome that Joanna has consistently been able to find a way to write recaps that tie in so well with the Targaryen storyline. If you haven’t watched the show, then you’re really missing out on the poetic storytelling here.

’Twas a chill in the air as the Targaryens entered Winterfell.  John Snow had already bent the knee on their behalf, and it was time that the rest of the Starks followed.  Although they were hesitant, the slippery field of VN/SO War Memorial encouraged them.

At first they spoke ill of their new queen. Claiming that the Targaryens were the first team they faced that turned the disc over by their own hands rather than by the Starks forcing them.  This quickly became silenced as the dragons deftly secured half at 8-3.

Music was attempted, but due to Queen Joanna’s father’s mad attempts to upgrade her speaker, the plan was thwarted.  But no worry, it would have only serve as a distraction.  The dragons soldiered on with both their long game and short game play.  The Starks attempted a zone to shut down the quick passing, but to no avail.

This author’s favorite play of the night was when Tara Targayen ran down a long huck, only to have it out the back, but that still didn’t keep Elmo from rushing the field in excitement, despite confusion from her team at what she was doing.

The Starks battled back despite John Snow’s pleads to listen to him and his allegiance to the rightful heir to the iron throne.  The tall Lord Noah Stark bested some of our players, and Lady Erica with her solid short game had our defenders scrambling, but still The Targaryens had no mercy.  Their wings were spread wide and forced turn overs as well as throws that their clansmen could intercept swiftly.  By 9:30 the fate of the Stark household was sealed, and they will follow the Dragons towards King’s Landing as they face the Tyrells next.  Final score 15-8.

Bar attendance is growing strong within the family. 11/16 members showed up.  And although four Starks were left at the end of the night, I believe total number was determined to be the main factor for winning the bar.  Also Castro took shots, so that adds points as well, right?  Currently, Banshee and Elmo tie Nahall with their bar attendance, which if you’ve ever had Banshee and Elmo on your team, you know is a feat in and of itself.  Also getting so many west siders to stay was clutch.

Robin Hood is only just getting a taste of what LAOUT Summer League is bringing.  Now if only Josue would bring his baby to the bar too.

House Targaryen is now at 2-2 and apparently plays my team, House Tyrell, next week and we’re also 2-2. Definitely shaping up to be a fun match!

House Stark is at 0-4, but it isn’t over yet. I think they have it in them for a big mid-season comeback.

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House Lannister vs. House Martell

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House Lannister vs. House Stark

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