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[Posted by Christi, not Andy]

I went out to the Rancho fields last night for an early workout with some Viva ladies before the games started and decided to stick around to watch. If you have played against, or alongside Martell at all this year, you may have seen DeVore running around in a reflective construction vest. Not to be outdone, his co-captains Deeve and Judge decided to step up their wardrobe and bought their own vests, too. Oh, and there were also a lot of players in jorts.

I’m not really sure how to tie in any of this to Game of Thrones, so I’ll just cut to the recap from DeVore.

Attention: Jorts hit critical mass at Rancho Cienega!

It’s Weinberg’s birthday on the 4th of July and Bartell came out in spectacular fashion. If I’m not mistaken, we had every member of our house at the game! We also had an amazing hype crew to support us. At one point, a Tully asked if our outfits were supposed to be construction workers or people from the bayou. The joke’s on her though because we don’t know what our outfits are supposed to be.

We showed up early to talk about dump sets and work on our chemistry. We put it to use in the game and only had a couple turns in that fashion! We’re working on growing together as a team and I’m excited to see all of our players develop!

After the game, TK brought out a cake and we sang happy birthday! Before we knew it, the beautiful cake was shoved squarely into Weinberg’s face. We all dug in with hands only and I think the dirty hands really added to the amazing flavors of the cake.

We have been developing a tradition of running after our games to push ourselves a bit. A good portion of our team lined up on the end zone to do a few full field sprints. It was quite a scene with the amount of leg showing beneath the jorts and the amount of cake on our hands. Some youths thought that we were silly, but respected the speed at which we flew down the field. They lined up in their socks to run with us and kept up really well. It was wonderful to have them join us. We really should have given them a frisbee… Missed opportunity.

Obviously Bartell brought the A game to the bar. I’m going to have to rethink Joxer’s being the post-game bar of choice. What kind of establishment that lets trash like us invade their space does not have pickle juice on tap? No matter though. We brought our own pickle juice for our whiskey.

We’re missing a lot of pictures from the field but I have one great one of the aftermath! Happy birthday Weinberg!

There was no mention of the score in DeVore’s recap, but I think that accurately reflects the gameplay. They were having too much fun to pay attention to the score.

And here’s perfect display of the JoDeeVore captains personalities. (They’re the three in the vests in case you don’t actually know them.)

And here’s the recap from Jackson Tully to tell their side of the tale.

Back in the age before I ventured to the land of Los Angeles in the West, I lived in a swamp known for it’s white house. A club called American Hyperbole resided nearby, and their jerseys were magically printed to resemble flannel shirts and jorts. They were, politely, the worst.

Yet House Martell has taken the concept to glorious new places by somehow convincing many of their house to don actual plaid shirts and, yes, jorts. There were also safety vests in play, because nothing makes the color orange worse than making it louder. House Martell is all in though, because you need something to entertain yourself when your castle is stuck in a desert.

House Tully appreciates the duller things in life, like white bread, egg whites, boring offense, and the missionary position. Despite bringing only half their contingent of men to this battle, we were able to lure Martell to sleep early on and take half at 8-3. 

Still, there were concerns about legs, so the female half of the team kindly volunteered to do even more of the cutting and goal scoring while the guys stood around and threw it to them. Shouts to Laura, who decided she wasn’t here to make friends and proceeded to catch (checks notes) 18 of Tully’s 15 points, including a beautiful toe-the-line catch that resulted in several ‘Oh damn!’s. The rest of House Tully aspires to get on her level.

In the end, the Tully’s brought a deluge to the desert, resulting in a final score of 15-4. Both houses took advantage of the shorter game to retire to the Water Gardens, aka the bar, with a strong presence from each team.

I love how a good chunk of both recaps ended up being about what the Martell team was wearing. AND Jackson was able to find a way to tie it all in with some Game of Thrones references too. Nicely done. I wonder if Andy has any stats on team costumes? I wouldn’t be surprised.

And props to Laura for all the grabs! I of course, thought that was a typo and had to double check with Jackson, but no. It was just sarcasm that went right over my head. Laura was a beast catching a good majority of House Tully’s points.

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