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I’ll precap this by mentioning something Christi will allude to down below.  Two boxes from Savage showed up at my door last week.  The smaller box was fine.  All jerseys well folded.  The larger box, which looked like it has seen more action than Aegon (I made a GoT reference! Boom!), had jerseys haphazardly thrown in there on the top, and neatly folded on the bottom.  Weird.  AND a bunch were missing.  And a couple were dirty.  WTF!

When I told Savage about it, they asked me if there was packing tape OVER their special Savage packing tape.  Why yes!  There was.  They knew immediately what had happened.  During shipping the box must have broken open, jerseys fell out, and UPS just threw most of them back in, (but clearly not all) and re-taped it up, and thought noone would notice.

Sorry UPS.  Nice try.  So Savage said they’d contact UPS for a refund and would redo the lost jerseys for us.  Then UPS contested the claim, saying they want to inspect the box themselves, cause they think we made it up!

I’m not gonna say people don’t make up stories to steal money from UPS and Fed Ex and all them.  I’m sure that stuff happens.  But I mean, c’mon.  It doesn’t take Detective Pikachu to figure this one out.

Anyway, Savage is definitely doing a redo on the lost jerseys.  They’ll deal with UPS on their time.  I’m contacting the captains whose jerseys didn’t quite come as a full set, and two of them played last night.

To start off with, let’s go to Christi Tyrell:

I got an email from Andy Sunday evening saying he was bringing team jerseys to the field for our Monday game. Yay! Except that there was an issue with the delivery and all of our womxn’s jerseys were missing. Boo! On the eve of our game against House Lannister, it’s hard not to see this as some subtle sabotage to push us back on our heals.

We get to the fields and The Lannisters are all smiles and niceties as we negotiate the set up. At 8pm we only had 3 ladies, to their 6, so it was going to be interesting.

Fortunately Joanna & Merlin showed up just in time for us to take the field. The Lannisters came out swinging throwing a zone on the first point And House Tyrell started up 2-0. Not to go unmatched, the Lannisters came back swinging and eventually took half 8-6. We were getting a little tired, but we were still in this.

The Lannisters liked to throw zone, and not to be outdone, we did our own lady zone that was a little clunky at first but we got it down pretty nicely after a few tries and forced a couple of breaks to get us to 11-10 Lannisters.

This game was in our grasp! I could feel it! We were ready to put Cersei up for trial in the Great Sept. But of course, those pesky Lannisters always seem to have one more trick up their sleeve.

The Lannisters went up 14-10. We fought back to get at least one more point, but we all know how this story ends. Lannisters win 15-11.

Special shout out to our Tyrell ladies for shredding it all over the field last night. It seemed like almost every disc thrown to Joanna was about 6 inches off the ground, and she caught it every time! Taylor has some awesome deep looks and is just always open! And Chelsea rocked it as the deep cover for our lady zone! Subs? Who needs them? (I mean, I was there too, so technically we had one. I’m definitely not ready to go savage the entire game.)

And extra shout outs to the Lannister ladies who definitely gave us a run for our money! I didn’t catch her name, but whoever had the double french braids had some excellent up the line cuts. Jeni ran all over the field like an energizer bunny. And Magma had some awesome throws all up and down the field.

There were some guys who did some things, too… but like… The ladies killed it.

Who runs the world? Girls!

That’s funny about Joanna catching all the discs just off the ground.  She’s referring to Joanna Leung, but I was there last night bouncing back and forth between both games, and Joanna Whitney also caught a couple just off the ground in the other game.  Symmetry.

And now, we have a very special guest.  This is a Jackcap.  Jack Lamnister provides the story from his slightly closer to the ground perspective. (With help from mom Jeni and with “Notes by Nate”™.

*Editors Note: Sometimes a Summer League game happens when everything you planned in draft comes together. It is usually fleeting, but for a flash all your league dreams come true. Your fast defenders get blocks, your offensive players catch crazy things, and all the puzzle pieces fit. And when we drafted Johnny and Jeni… well…we had something in mind in addition to Jeni’s amazing bids (she was 3/3… 4/4 last night?!?). I asked Jeni to do a recap for me. Probably our best recap of the season. Hail to our Little Lion! *

*Bonus Notes*
All of our ladies decided to do a workout after the game. SUCH STRONG LIONESSES

And as you can guess, jerseys are in this week! And Andy has given each team a WHITEBOARD CLIP BOARD?! Truly a man after my own heart. The Clip Board Notes are as follows:
> Jeni/Claire (Magma) had great handling against a junk
> Victor had many Ds (5+) and a Bookends throwing
> Horace had a great up-line and deep shot to Caroline
> Salil (steal of the draft) had a bunch of really tough grabs and was an offensive force and had a bookends
> Jeni’s Layouts (previously mentioned)


That is so freakin’ cute!!!  Jack rocks!

I should mention that Tyler Kotovsky of the LAOUT Board is responsible for the clipboards.  I was just dropping them off, but he put them all together to bring over to me to hand out.

I got to see my first 6-person zone (as I play in Men’s League and most of my team’s games this year have not been next to a Mixed game.)  It was interesting.  Looked like a lot more work than a 7-person zone but it seemed to work.  Small sample size.  I’m curious to see more.

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  • Nate

    July 16, 2019 at 2:11 pm

    Bonus Bonus: Not nearly important enough to make it into the recaps, but some of the best all time show moments are Tyrells and Lannisters. One of my personal favorite sequences:


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