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For those of you savvy enough to get your early Summer League info from the recaps, I’ll give you the early info on the tournament, which is listed on the website, but you’re still getting it here first.  We’ll be at a completely new location, at SilverLakes Sports Park in Corona.  If you’re not familiar with where Corona is, just go down to Disneyland and take a left for another 20 miles or so.  Alternately, just go East until you reach Pomona where we used to have the S.L. tournament, and just keep going Southeast for about 20 miles or so.  Yeah, I admit it’s pretty far.  BUT….  Santa Clarita was pretty far too, just in a different direction.  And this place is pretty damn large.  So large is easily has room to fit 4 Summer Leagues.  But they charge per field, so we’ll only be using 6 fields with a bunch of byes.  The extra byes aren’t bad though because the complex has a Restaurant and Bar ON SITE!!!!  Bye round drinking!  Okay, maybe not for most of you.  That’s just where my head naturally goes to.  You are all probably more responsible than me.

In case you’re thinking, why there?  Fair question.  I thought we’d be in Santa Clarita again but ended up not being available.  And all the usual suspects (Balboa, VNSO, San Pedro, even Pomona) were all also unavailable, so we didn’t have a lot of options.  But this place looks to be really cool, and it’s on average 5 degrees cooler than Santa Clarita, so there’s that.  Any little bit helps in that heat.

Okay, now that I’ve caught you up, let’s get to Joanna Targaryen’s recap:

I was told last night that Robin Arryn got really hot by the last episode of the series. I was like, wait? He was there? There are too many damn characters in this show. Clearly, despite the high number of deaths in the show, there still weren’t enough to get the number down to where I could remember who everyone was.

My belief of why Robin got so hot, but not memorable was because he breastfed until he was practically a teen, but never ate Lady Soup. Yes, that’s right, and no that doesn’t mean an Arya Stark feeding Walder Frey his son’s in a pie type way, but rather, the new recipe from the Targaryens.

Some ingredients of Mama Targaryen’s Lady Soup:

A splash of Sam to help speed up your metabolism
A sprinkle of Tara to boost your immune defenses
A dollop of Elmo to energize you
A dash of Remy to keep your mind sharp
A pinch of Banshee to keep you well rounded
A scoop of Nahall to give you confidence
A handful of Joanna to help lift your voice

It’s also very adaptable to your tastes. I’ve heard of some people adding in some Julius and Snatch imported from the Rocky Mountains to give you strength, some Castro to boost your faith in your teammates, some Josue for balance, some Matt and Eok to increase speed, or some Eby-Mac for patience.

Besides these benefits, Lady Soup has also been known to help you win the bar and soften the blow of saying goodbye to a teammate who is moving to Seattle.

We devoured our Lady Soup before the game and came out strong going up 5-1 before Arryn called a timeout. They scored, we didn’t let it happen again. Half was 8-2. Arryn had trouble with our tight dump d that kept them from doing their patented full field swings to get the wide open puts deep. The Lady Soup had that defense locked down.

We took advantage of our shot at putting the disc deep, and with some members of our team on game 8 in four days, they were well versed in getting that disc deep. It isn’t always the best decision because our short, patient game has been our cornerstone all season, but it was finally our shot to let loose. Coming out on D in the second half, we didn’t let up. I ran full field many times to keep up with my team who showed no signs of tiring. One time, even my knee brace couldn’t keep up with them, but that didn’t stop us. Arryn capitalized on a few of our drops to have a better second half. Final score: 15-7 (I think? Maybe 6? Whatever Tahlia says between those). Much better than our game last week where we came off a bye and it definitely showed.

Anyway, remember your Lady Soup. It’ll do your body good.

Some of my favorite pics from last night (look at those ups my team has!):

Assuming Lady Soup was some Game of Thrones reference (since Bend the Knee and Milk of the Poppy also turned out to be references) I Googled “Lady Soup Game of Thrones” but nothing came up, so I thought, hmmm, maybe I’ll try Lady Soup on Urban Dictionary.  Um….. nope, haha, I’m pretty sure that’s not at all what she meant.

There needs to be an Artistic Series on photos of people right after they’ve released the disc.  Remove the disc from the photo and isolate the person.  You get these really interesting poses.

And then we should re-caption the photos.  Tim’s doing either a low jazz hands thing or he’s balancing on a surf board.  Remy is asking for a helping hand.  Nahall is instructing how to dance the Flamenco.  Snatch is the finest sharp shooter in the West.

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