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[Posted by Christi, not Andy]

I’ve noticed that there has been a severe lack of recaps from the men’s games, so I’m very pleased to be able to share this recap from Lord Commander Ethan of the Night’s Watch.

Both teams started off the night nearly savage. Lu and his gang of Dothraki were so thin in numbers that they looked like they had just gotten back from fighting the White Walkers in “The Long Night” battle. Not many of them survived, but those who did were strong. The Night’s Watch started with 8, and a couple more trickled in for a total of 10. We decided before the game to add extra timeouts so we didn’t all die

The Dothraki came out strong, taking an early 4-2 lead despite starting on defense. We were following the same bad habits that plagued us the first two weeks of the season and a good portion of last week, which is making low percentage throws in the last 25 yards of the field. As much as we want to be a hucking team, we are learning that we do significantly better when we take the easy throws, resets, and release the disc early in the stall count. Luckily we remembered this, and scored two straight to tie the game 4-4. We made a few more blunders, and the Dothraki ended up taking half 8-6. Most of their success was due to the stellar play of Lu, Chicago, and Derek Lay. They combined for some fantastic poaching Ds, layout catches, and give and go throws.

Unfortunately, playing savage seemed to take a toll on them, and with a newfound patience in the second half, we didn’t give them many opportunities to earn free points. Ultimately the tide turned in our favor and we won 15-12.

For the Night’s Watch, it was definitely a team victory, but there were also some great individual performances. Peebler was a huge asset on both offense and defense. Our handlers Dune and Tiger both played great. Isaac got open with ease and made excellent continuation throws to keep the disc moving and keep the stall count low. Next week we have a rare double header, with games on Thursday and Friday. I hope we don’t have to play savage.

I’ve heard there has been a lot of low attendance games for the men’s teams. Is nobody requesting subs? I know it’s hard this week since Andy is out of town, but we can make it work, if needed.

Also, if captains could post the scores to Ultimate Central, that would be awesome. I post recaps, but they haven’t given me control of Ultimate Central yet…

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  • Jason D

    July 2, 2019 at 2:06 pm

    It was my understanding that there wasn’t a sub pool for men’s. Has this changed or was I just misinformed?


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