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[Posted by Christi, not Andy]

With the start of Week 5, we’re officially half way through the season. We had a Party Monday of sorts with 4 games going on in the valley (3 mixed games and 1 mens game), and there was a lot of pre-game chatter on the LA Ultimate GroupMe of how the Lannisters may or may not be sabotaging enemy houses ahead of last night’s games. Here’s Scott Stark’s recap of his house bravely taking on the Lannisters.

Like in the show, the battle between the Starks and Lannisters was highly anticipated with millions tuning in around the world to watch both. Both were a little bit disappointing. As was told in the prophecy, …just kidding none of the book prophecy stuff ever mattered.

The game and show started out exactly the same way: Lannisters boning their siblings and pushing children out windows. Things started out similar for us as they did House Stark at the start as well. Sidenote: Jaime almost killed another would-be king in that first episode and we didn’t even know it. The Lions jumped out to a 3-0 lead, as is tradition for teams playing against the Starks, quickly howled back to life and basically traded points into half – down 8-5. They shoved Bran out the window, we captured Jaime and cut off his hand. They killed everyone at the Red Wedding, we um…brooded and pouted real good and spent years learning to be a shape-shifting assassin and mind-controlling, all-knowing god but never actually used either skill.

Another cool parallel that I just thought of was that Jamie pushed Bran out a window and then Jamie and Cersei’s last child died by stepping out a window. I digress.

The main problem that House Stark faced on Monday was not enough Alex. We were down to just one, though we did get a solid replacement-Alex at the last minute who was huge for us. Female Alex did what she could to pick up the slack, seemingly always being in the right spot…like when she and I made a great play as a 2-person cup to force a turn and then she made a great cut to be wide open in the zone and I turfed a throw just to keep things interesting. Ted, who is not an Alex, had a great game as well, leaving 3-4 perfect hucks out for us to run down. Erica and Claire were also nearly perfect for the Starks all night, but alas, even with these great performances, it was not to be. Mostly, I think, because I am not good at this sport.

The second half started the same as the first, with the Lannisters putting together a quick run of 3-4 points before we responded and we did, but too late. Our zone worked pretty well, forcing a lot of throws and a few turns and limiting the Lannisters’ potent hucking game, but we basically collectively played like Rickon on offense – we didn’t really have a plan and were just running till they put us out of our misery. Seriously Rickon…just try like a tiny turn every now and then.

In the end, the game was like the show: the Starks basically did nothing to hurt the Lannisters the entire time, but we end up winning it all in the end after a building falls on the last Lannisters. So that’s the tournament maybe? Anyway, Skittle has greyscale so thoughts and prayers, but if you see her, don’t touch her.

I’m sure Andy would have a lot of questions/comments on the various GoT references in this recap, especially the greyscale part, but there’s too much to unpack here to explain everything. I know the Starks are down a few players now. Hopefully, they can get some subs to fill in the gaps.

And here’s a recap from the Lannister’s side of the battlefield.

Lannister vs Stark: Arya and Ed Sheeran

THE LANNISTERS AND THE STARKS are the foundation of this story. Let us be frank. George RR Martin based some of Game of Thrones on the English Wars of the Roses…. Lancaster red and York white. Scott and C-note are markedly spirited and honorable captains. True Starks. Coincidence? I think not. They also have had tough luck with injuries and absences so far. Therefore, instead of fighting I will hit on a scene that was very out of place in the show, but quite charming.

After many adventures, Arya begins season 7 riding south to kill Queen Cersei (whom has established total power) when she runs into some Lannister soldiers on the road. Ed Sheeran, in a cameo, is singing a song. Arya is an established assassin at this point, and the Lannister soldiers have been both cruel and expendable battle fodder, so as a viewer you have no idea what is going to happen.

[Lannister begins the game with a hold and a couple of breaks to go up 3-0]

However, the Lannister soldiers offer their food and fire, and after some initial resistance from Arya, she joins them.

[Teams essentially trade to half 8-5]

The soldiers talk a bit about King’s Landing, their adventures, and their families. One of them says his wife had a baby and Arya asks if it is a boy or a girl and he says he does not know they are at war.  He takes a moment and muses, “I hope it’s a girl…. Girls take care of their papas when they grow old… boys just go off to fight in someone else’s wars…”  It is an antiquated sentiment, but a loving one all the same.

[Lannister breaks twice out of half to 10-5]

The soldiers offer Arya some homemade wine, she crushes it easy, and everyone shares a laugh. They ask her what she is doing on the King’s road and she says flatly, “I’m going to kill the queen.” Things get extremely tense as the Lannister soldiers look at each other.

[Lannisters drop a pull – Starks get some points back with a zone! 12-8?]

Then they all laugh together and Arya joins them in laughter. There will be no bloodshed today

[Lannisters finish off the game (I believe 15-10?)

The point of all this is, we Lannisters do not have dragons or faceless assassins or all-seeing wizards… we only have our wits and discipline. In many ways we are villainous, but we are people too you know. All is fair in love and war. We catch a lot of justified hate, but by the end of all this, maybe, I can convince one person we are more than just evil monsters.

Sounds like Tyrion Lannister took over this recap trying to make amends and speak up for his house. I’d say we should cut them some slack, but they have a better record than my team at the moment, and we all know how the Lannisters feel about the Tyrells. I’m not going to be lulled into a false sense of security.


  • Scott

    July 2, 2019 at 5:30 pm

    For what it’s worth, I’m only “spirited and honorable” on the outside. On the inside I hate everybody.


    • Nate

      July 3, 2019 at 10:06 am

      Haha so Jon Snow then?


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