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Puss N Boots


I’ve been bringing the shirts to the field this week, and will finish doing it next week.  When I showed up at Rancho last night, someone said: “Andy has a box.  I like when I see that.”  Really?  Cool.  I feel like I should show up with boxes more often.  I didn’t realize how exciting it was.  Maybe I’ll just come to parties with a box.  Although…. I suspect there will be an expectation that there’s something IN the box.  I can’t just bring an empty box.

In most situations in life, if you have a box, there’s a reasonable assumption there’s something in the box.  Sometimes you don’t know if there’s something in the box, but you really really REALLY want to know.

Or like in the film “The Box” that was entirely based on what was in the box.

And an entire industry exists on the premise of what’s in the box.

Tom Hanks never opened the box.  That’s impressive.

Would you could you in a box?    That’s what she said.

Try not watching this for an hour.

Speaking of boxes, Colin Whitman gives us the recap of last night’s game of his team Lady, a character who also came out of a box.

Ok. So. The first half happened, cedar rolled his ankle defending the endzone and was out, half ended 3-8*.

*Alex threw a dope huck to stig on a run-through D for a point. It was dope.

Halftime. Yell-y colin came out. Everyone was like, “wait what? That was yelling? I thought he was just talking faster.”

And then Tramp came out to play. Physical play in the cleanest most incidental way on both sides. Stig teabagged ed, james blocked colin into a piggyback, stig and that tall ‘other Stig’ guy had a few aerial battles. Fun, good natured battles.

Greta shredded the field with quick unders and deep shots but the dumb dumb boys couldn’t hit her in stride. Then the bugs came out and no one’s eye balls or mouths were safe.

Christi whooped major ass on the unders, no drops and no incompletions… The perfect Lady. Side note: the bar wants to know how many red heads have been on the same team before, surely andy knows that stat… Also colin wants to know if there’s a curse associated with having more than one redhead….like what number of redheads do you have to hit for optimal ultimate??? Seriously though. Colin offers to go red for a winning season…

Kelvin and marcus and stig and alex whooped ass. Stig almost had his first assist probably ever. But a travel call forced him to score the point himself…. Will he ever throw a score…… The world may never know. Judge threw a dope huck to stig. Colin yelled more and lost pieces of his white board…. Apparently it was likened to a disappointed dad speech. It worked, kinda. Lady went mostly point for point in the second half.


Also like wtf music is playing in joxers right now??? Is skrillex here, i thought this was an Irish bar and why is there a light show?? I’m uncomfortable… Can’t we just dare our teammates to do embarrassing things in peace?

I take it back, lu just lap danced the bartender and it was everything.

Also, the dice game has been brutal but we won the party… Final note, the bartender gave lu an official score of 9 out of 10 on the lap dance, could have been a ten…she wanted to feel more of lu if you catch her drift. Tune in next time to see this budding romance potentially blossom. Also, also, there are still bug carcasses on us leaving the bar.

So many questions.

  1. Were they midges?  There were a bunch of those on Wednesday.
  2. Which bartender was it?  I think I can guess which one.  I just don’t know their names, but there’s one that’s crazier than the others.
  3. Why does Lu not come to the bar when I’m there, but then gives lap dances to bartenders when I’m not there?  Follow up question.  Why does Lu hate me?
  4. Do they have to be natural red heads?  And how red counts as red?  I dated a girl for two years who I would describe as blonde but she swears she’s a red head.
  5. How many redhead ultimate players can you think of off the top of your head?  (No pun intended.)  Here’s my list.  I’m giving myself no more than 5 minutes, starting now.  Christi, Greta, guy Diesel, Luigi, Criqet, this is harder than I thought. I know I’m missing obvious ones.  Punky?  Actually, half of these people aren’t even red heads.  They just have freckles. This is not easy.
  6. Why does Lady keep losing?  0-5 now.
  7. Has Stig ever played on a winless team in his entire playing career?
  8. Does anyone want to go to Joxers tomorrow morning to watch World Cup?  According to one website, it’s the top place listed to watch World Cup matches.
  9. By the way, did you like what was in the box?  I haven’t heard any comments yet on the jerseys.


  • Colin

    July 6, 2018 at 2:04 pm

    1. We thought they were gnats, large gnats but maybe midges is more accurate.
    2. The brunette with glasses. She may have been drunk.
    3. I think he’s playing hard to get.
    4. Probably need to be natural, but if it breaks the curse, I’ll count hair dye.
    5. This is an excellent question, i think there were a few guys who used to play more years ago.
    6. Catches and throws
    7. Hopefully not
    8. I’m doubtful on the atmosphere. Maybe if they blast skrillex….
    9. +1 on the box contents…. very leather daddy


  • Lish

    July 6, 2018 at 5:17 pm

    sophie hines and lisa p are also redheads.

    also, how has no one made a ‘dick in the box’ comment?


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