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Scooby Doo
Puss N Boots


Quick shout out to Don Messick, the guy who originally voiced the character Scooby Doo.  I didn’t realize that he also voiced tons of characters of shows I grew up with:

Bamm Bamm, Barney’s son from the Flintstones
Astro, the dog from the Jetsons
Boo-Boo from Yogi Bear (which reminds me of the awesome line “Let’s Boo-Boo” from Edgar Wright’s The World’s End)
Papa Smurf from The Smurfs
Mumbly from Tom & Jerry

And like a hundred other things.

And now that I’ve got that out of the way, let’s get to the game between Scooby Doo and Puss N Boots.  Here’s S-Doo’s co-captain Seth Gillum:

If you read recaps for scouting reports, you’d know that James Renfroe killed it last week for Puss N Boots last week. Message received! Don’t let James touch the disc once. Which we did. Because he wasn’t at the game 🙂

Last week, our zone crushed. But Puss had a lot of good looking handlers. Foxy bold handlers. So we skipped the zone this week and worked on person to person D. We gave the flip to Puss for setting up the field, and got out to a pretty good start. Half was something like 8-3 ish?? After half, Puss made it’s push. Fur flew and somewhere in that second half they rattled off three in a row. Bringing the final score 15-8 Scooby dooby doo!

The whole scooby team did an amazing job last night. There’s something really great about watching people adjust over the course of a game. It’s pretty special.
Everyone on both teams played well and it was nice to see all the players thrown to when open.

Enway had a spectacular scoober grab (which is supposed to be solely the domain of Scooby Doo – wrong team Enway), I was reminded that I cannot guard Ed Melo, and there was a lot of fierce D all around.
All in all, a great night. And despite a lot of pick calls (which were all justified- it’s summer league) it was a clean fun game.
Extra shout out to Bacon and Skipper coming to the game late to cheer their teams on.

Very few can cover Ed Melo.  I mean, I’m not ready to call him “Uncoverable”.  That is reserved for only one person.  😉  But he’s tough to stop.  The other night Alex Carey said he thinks Ed Melo is the prettiest player in LA, in terms of his fluidity with the disc in his hands.  I even made him do a demonstration of what he was talking about, and now I’m really upset at myself that I didn’t get it on video.

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