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Felix the Cat


Before we get to the game, I promised Steph I would take a photo of me wearing my protective goggles to keep discs out my eyes.

There you go internet.  Feel free to make fun.  I look like I’m about to go scuba diving.

Last night was the first game at Hollywood High.  I’d strongly recommend the Sycamore Tavern afterwards on Sunset.  It’s walking distance and the guy behind the bar is the coolest guy, and is up for anything.  For example, he’s totally fine if we just turn that place into random Wednesday night karaoke.  I’m going to try and get some extended Happy Hour prices if I can.

I’d also be wary of taking the Metro.  We tried and if the trains were on time it would’ve been perfect, but the trains were backed up for like 15-20 minutes so we got there late.  But a lot of people showed up late and so we started late, and as you’ve read in other recaps, the lights did in fact go out early, which was SO frustrating cause A) we had the disc midfield, and B) I am pretty sure when the field guy came over, I said “we’ll finish this point and head out”, but I guess he heard, “please turn off the lights immediately and kick us out”.

And now, here’s David Reed of Felix the Kitty:

Catt Fight @ Hollywood High:


LIGHTS! The game ended on Lights!

I hate winning/losing on lights, or ties. It’s like you watch an exciting film to it’s climax, but then turn it off before the falling action/conclusion. Left questioning your unresolved emotions….

Felix showed up prompt with numbers, but low on women. (When we get our full roster to show up, watch out!)

Garfield was also low on numbers, but were slowly trickling in. (They WILL be dangerous with a full roster)

Alex Carey showed up about 3 or 4 points in. Lish showed up maybe after half? Princess parking in the lot right next to the field like Paris fucking Lohan circa 2006. So Hollywood.

The game started off back and forth, long points, Garfield goes up a chunk, Felix goes on a run to take half 8-7 hand blocks, and bad hucks and, drops, OH MY!! (Judy Garland went to Hollywood High FYI)

We traded breaks out of half, then Felix went on a run, then Felix dropped a bunch of easy stuff (tired legs) and Garfield tied it up around 12. 14-14 felix. turn. turn. HIT THE LIGHTS! I groan. fuck! I hate ties. I’m on the line and I’m pissed.My team is smiling. Oh shit, I had the score wrong. we were up 14-13???? Felix WON!!!??


Hit the bar, get some drinks. Bond! I don’t get drunk enough. NOT A REEDCAP! (No one buys me shots, Nay thanx u)

Notable Plays:

Andy “I ran into a doorknob” Bandit: Bland Hocking the SHIT out of me in the red-zone (denying a score)

Tom Pineda: Ham Clocking a scoober? (that Lish still laid out for and has the turf burn to prove it) Nay picks up, love connection to me!

Kirkham: Clam Shlocking Alex Carey on the goal line (denying a score)

D-Con for having tall parents and drinking his M I L K

ALL 4 of our women again for trading off on Lish and Magma, surviving somehow? Kelsey Turner (just moved here, looking for housing) was our little engine that could and DID!

Aner bought Nay and I a nice German beer. And ran his ass off!

Sneaky poach D’s out of nowhere form Lippy, Justin, Horace and more guys I can’t recall, we got a bunch

Josue for being a surprise monster deep threat.

LISH = E L I T E speeEeeeed

Buster for rock solid handles after a Bay area tourney with a brand new team she put together

ALL of Garfield for scooping up innumerable low throws that would have been free turns on 2 inches of bladed grass.

Andy Hasler – Played his first game of organized ultimate. Ran hard, caught a score.

Both teams for grinding out some LOOOoOOOOng points. The team that wins the first of those long point early usually wins the game. Morale. Both teams refused to give up or give into exhaustion. Felix used all our out time outs strategically for rest. I don’t think Garfield used one.

You made it this far, how about some cat-fight gifs?

Stephanie Hicks may have inspired the Friends gifs. I love how Rachel goes low, but does nothing. (I also sent Andy a Seinfeld vid pregame)

Garfield won the bar on numbers, but Felix won last man standing (me and NAY)……so a wash?

Other Notes:
– Street Parking isn’t that bad at Hollywood High, and it seems like you CAN park in the lot.
– Sycamore Tavern is pretty cheap for all the quality beer, it’s huge, and we had the run of the place!
– Sycamore has a huge empty parking lot, so just drive over there!

ok, still reading?


now for the really cool/weird stuff….

A strange take on Garfield and how it may have been subversive anti-comedy (nah it was just a cash grab to create a long term comic strip appealing to the masses)

A brilliant YouTube channel with a 90/10 split on licensing/production. Top 3 YouTube Channel. The more you watch the stranger it gets.

They made a handful of videos and then radio silence for 10 years till they put out the new stuff. Ranging from the inane, to warping the definition of high art.

Certifiable. Insane. Brilliant.

And for juxtaposition, a 1923 silent short: FELIX IN HOLLYWOOD. Cheap cartoon gags really haven’t come that far over the past century.

at least they’ve gotten less racist…

Hey, so…I guess you got nothing going on in the middle of the day either? We should hang out! Hitting up a real good beer tasting in Toluca Lake at 6pm. Come join!

Reed may not have had shots, but he did share a rum and coke with me.  But not after reciting a LOT of lines from “Princess Bride”.

For the record, Kelsey Turner was the best player on the field for either team.  But I also have to give a shout out to Licious who was our best player, and if she had showed up before the start of the second half, I think we win that game.

This is now 6 Friends gifs which is I’m sure a record already for a season.

I’m still waiting for my first ever Summer League game with Mike Peebler.  Possibly first league of any kind or tournament game ever.  That’s what he believes.

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  • Stephanie Hicks

    June 14, 2018 at 5:33 pm

    I’m pretty sure I asked for a picture of the shiner, for the historical record of course, but then it got upgraded to a picture of the glasses. Which are amazing. I’m predicting they catch on and become the fashion trend of 2018.


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