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Ah Brian Griffin.  It’s very difficult for me to see that name without thinking of this clip:

God, I love that show.  To be fair, Seth MacFarlane and I are nearly the same age and grew up in the same area.  So many of his references in Family Guy are stuff I grew up with, like the old Kool Aid commercial “Oh yeah!”, the Electric Company, School House Rock, etc.  That show is definitely for everyone but for someone born in the early 70’s, it’s particularly strong.

Last night Brian Griffin took on Underdog.  Here’s Underdog’s co-captain Stephen Thies giving us the deets:

Man, there are few things more anti climactic in the summer league world than a close game being decided by the lights going off…

After starting off undefeated in summer league (yeah baby), Brian Griffin took on Underdog last night. A match up I wasn’t sure how it would play out. Underdog took down Scratchy last week, but from what I hear Scratchy was missing some key players from their roster, making it hard to judge how good they really are. Among their top picks, I had only previously seen Toph and Armand play. Armand only twice outside of pick up and Toph only in pick up. I knew Toph had great throws, but I had no idea how different he would look in a (summer league) structured game.

Although most of each team was at the field shortly after 8, we didn’t have cones until 8:20ish (my fault, I should keep my cones in my bag), so we didn’t get started until sometime around 8:25-8:30. We had lost the flip and Underdog decides to go on offense first.

Underdog starts off strong, marching down the field and scoring the first 5 points. Some players on my team may argue it was 5-1, I feel pretty strongly it was 5-0. Either way, not good. We call a time out to regain our composure. There wasn’t much strategy talk in that time out, we were playing well, just had some drops in the end zone (myself included trying to toe the sideline). Turns out, all we needed was that composure timeout. Brian comes surging back to tie it at 7s!!!

Underdog takes half, but that is of minor concern to us because we start on O for the second half and we’re feeling good.

Well… the rest of Brian feels good. Me? Not so much… I somehow managed to drop the pull on the first point of half. We had called somewhat of a string play to start half which involved me or Jeff bringing down the pull. It came to my side and was heading just barely out of bounds. I was so excited to get the play started, I attempted to toe the line and catch the pull, but I had trouble focusing on the line and catching the disc and basically caught it and immediately dropped it. In hindsight, why did I care so much about keeping it in bounds? I could have easily caught it straddling the sideline, tapped it in and played from there…

Anyway, Underdog takes full advantage and easily scores to go up 9-7.

For the remainder of the game we mostly trade points except Underdog gets 1 more break.

at 14-11 the lights go out and unfortunately the game is decided by lights. I’m not sure if they stayed on that Brian could have forced overtime, but we sure would have liked the opportunity.

Shoutouts to Underdog players

Toph – I learned the difference between pick up and a structured game for him is he is going to touch the disc a lot more, and he will make you pay for it. I’m not sure he threw ALL their scores, but it was definitely half or more.

Stephanie – She also touched the disc a lot and held her composure with each throw, I don’t think she had a single turnover.

Kelly – I think that’s her name. I just remember she’s about 5’4″ but I remember her jumping up for a D and I swear she got four feet off the ground. Crazy

For Brian

Jeremy – He played his first organized game and although he didn’t touch the disc a whole lot, he worked well, right in the flow of the offense

Joy – She seems to always be open in the end zone. We missed her a lot last week, but seems we finally found her a few times last night.

Really a shout out to all of team Brian. We managed to keep our heads up all game even though we started in a big hole and were chasing all game. I felt demoralized watching what seemed like Underdog marching down the field with every possession and score but I tried to hide it. The rest of the team seemed unfazed and we would march it right back up for a score the following point.

Underdog is good.  They definitely have a shot to win this thing, which would be very nice for Steph to get a win without all the drama.

Couldn’t you have also caught the pull out of bounds, tapped it in and played from the sideline?  Am I wrong?  I don’t have a rule book handy.  Yes, I could look it up on line, but who has that kind of time?

The Kelly you’re referring to is Kellie Harunk, and she lists herself as 5’2″.

And now we have a recap from Steph from Underdog’s side:

Last week I sadly couldn’t play because I was all…

So this week when I could play I was like..

But then I saw Brian Griffin’s (BG) women and I was like…

And by half I was like…

But it was a pretty epic first half. Underdog came out strong with some awesome playing by Mikey, the younger of the Theologidy brothers and he came out strong with awesome D’s as well as always being open, got a few long grabs and threw some scores. Laura came out strong with some slick endzone cutting for at least two scores. And Toph, thankfully hucked the disc again and again into the hands of Underdog’s men and women, and not Andy Bandit’s eye. After a series of BG turnovers in their endzone, the score was 5-1. But BG was not to be underestimated. They have the famed Landesman duo, Lincoln, the Radish and Sully baggage (that can completely destroy all the ladies of the league) and a slew of other young and fast men and women who I don’t know. But they made me feel very slow and old. (See above gifs). BG battled back, capitalizing on our dumb mistakes and tied it 7-7. Luckily for Underdog, Cotter came down with a huck from Matt to take half and we came out after and scored a quick three to make it 11-7. Then there were some epically long points that I don’t remember (see above gif). There was some Landesman connection and a lot of Sully and Radish running around way too much. Then Underdog’s Kelly got an awesome run through D and scored, which fired us up. It was 14-11 Underdog when the lights went out.

Solid playing by the Underdog men, Merlin, Johnson, and Johnny all playing awesome D and coming down with great grabs to score. Matt and Toph as always, were key, stepping up and leading the charge. Cortez had some awesome D’s and scores. And after a long game we all limped to Joxers, where once again, Underdog had a great showing and were definitely the last ultimate players at the bar, which is really what makes us winners to me.

At this stage in my life, I’m going with this as my official order of Summer League goodness.

  1. Winning plus good bar presence.
  2. Losing, but good bar presence.
  3. Winning, but no bar presence.
  4. Losing, and no bar presence.

I’m assuming everyone’s got 1 and 4 in the those spots.  But I’ve definitely changed my 2 and 3 over the years.  I’m sure Steph is excited to have a team in the 1 range.  I feel she would have the same 1 through 4 as me.

For the record, I was not going to mention that it was Toph who hit me in the eye with the disc, but cat’s out of the bag now.  I know he feels bad about it.  And it was a total accident.  But now my doctor says I have to wear very unstylish protective goggles when I play.  I will take a photo tonight.

And um… I’m pretty sure that’s three Friends gifs and then switched to a Glee gif.  C’mon, Steph.  Consistency.


  • Steph

    June 14, 2018 at 12:08 am

    We 100% have the same #1-4. Winning with no bar is not winning. And correction- Thies is the Brian Griffin co-captain. The fearless Chris Walthers is my Underdog co-captain. (It’s ok, I know you can’t see well right now Andy). Sorry/not sorry for outing Toph. I felt it was necessary for the historical record… and my own amusement. On the other hand I refrained from outing Thies and his dropped pull, but then he outed himself…unlike Grant and his dropped pull last week which I now mention for the historical record. (And to make Thies feel better) Lastly if someone finds a gif of Phoebe Buffay looking exhausted and immobile I will be impressed.


  • Chris Walthers

    June 14, 2018 at 9:47 am

    In defense of Theis, he made several very difficult catches throughout the game. Actually they were very impressive and he had a great game. Sometimes the easy ones are the ones that get away. I forget where I heard this, but practicing in sports makes difficult actions “routine”, and mistakes happen more often in sports when people think about the actions they are doing, so those actions no longer become automatic. I dropped the very first pull I ever tried to catch as a freshman, which happened in a big game at a major tournament. The whole time I was thinking “DON’T DROP THE PULL ROOKIE, DON’T DROP THE PULL OR THEY WILL NEVER LET YOU CATCH IT AGAIN”. Last year in a game against Squirtles, I took a backhand huck to the dome because I was so far open on a deep cut that I was backpedaling through the endzone and had plenty of time to think “POINTS WILL NOT BE EASY IN THIS GAME SO DON’T DROP THIS WIDE OPEN HUCK”. It went right through my hands and split my lip and is probably my most embarrassing LAOUT moment. Unfortunately everyone always forgets their own great catches and never forgets their easy mistakes. But in reality, everyone else remembers your great plays and my take away from this game was that Theis was flying like a Valkyrie.


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