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Cheshire Cat


The battle of Disney characters.  Obviously Cheshire Cat didn’t start out as a Disney character, but the Disney film definitely became the lasting memory of the smiling feline.

Goofy’s a lot easier to find walking around at Disneyland.  But then again, the Cheshire Cat is mostly invisible, so you never really know…

Anyway, musings on a Saturday morning.  Let’s get to the recap of the Thursday night game from Cheshire Cat’s often smiling co-captain Joanna Whitney.

Week two, some new faces, still missing some others. Cubby still refuses to introduce himself as Cubby.

I was worried at first because we were going to be down three ladies, one of which is our number one pick, and I know that Goofy got a baggage of two number one ladies. That was until Fuse’s beautiful face shows up on the sideline cleating up. Now I’m a little less miffed that Andy wouldn’t let us have a sub to make two full lines.

Goofy starts out on O, but we get the D and the first point. Some trading of points after that until Goofy starts to pull a few down in a row. Jairo at one point asks me who the really fast lady on the other team is. At first he thought they may have recruited a minor, but I tell him, no that’s just Hoover. He tells me her legs go about a mile a minute, give or take. No worries, we line up our speedy team, tell Carlo to “run full speed” and boom, we are right back at it. Half is 8-7 Cheshire.

Cheshire comes out strong on O to go up 10-7. Goofy fires back, 10-9. 11-9. I don’t quite remember the progression of scoring but it’s 12-12 at one point. 13-12, 14-12. JT tells us it’s 10pm and aren’t the lights supposed to go out? “Bro, we play until the lights go out no matter the time!” I mean, we could have taken advantage of that and let him call the game since we were up, but no, we stick to it like the stubborn cats we are. The point is an extremely long one. Lots of turnovers on our own endzone. Two injuries for Goofy have to leave the field. Cheshire’s stubbornness rears its head again and no one wants to sub out. I can tell Tiger and Snatch wish they could be that sub. 14-13 (I think due to exhaustion). I do make the comment, “Who do I have to pay to make the lights go off right now?!” 14-14! We are really living on borrowed time now. It’s 10:19. Cheshire gets a short pull to give them some advantage. This looks like it’s going to be it. X is ready for that one play to hopefully finish it… and the lights go out. Where were they ten minutes ago?!!?!

Cheshire still has a few kinks to work out, some handlers we need to convince they aren’t cutters, and some cutters we need to convince not to huck it long on stall 2. We’ll get there. We are really excited to see where our team can go. Tim says you always want at least one tie per season. I don’t know why you’d want that, but that’s Tim for you. I just watched his Snap of his dog wearing a hawaiian shirt, so it’s all par for the course.

At Joxer’s, Cheshire is really pulling their weight. Definitely better than last year’s turnout, and definitely better than Goofy last night. It’s really Elmo and Banshee’s fault there was such a poor showing for their team. They didn’t show up to the bar when they played for us last year and they are keeping that streak going, for now. Maybe this public shaming will get them to show more. Cheshire is 2-0 for the bar.

If chanting always works, public shaming has to be a close second.

That’s funny about Cubby.  Yeah, I know for a fact he does not love that nickname, but it’s so good I don’t know how we wouldn’t call him that.

Joanna, you know the sub rules.  Don’t hate the messenger.  Hate the rules the messenger created.

And here’s a stat for Tim.  Of the 29 teams that have won Summer League, only three of those teams had a tie during the season.  2001 Heather Grey, 2012 Joey Chestnut in Men’s, and 2015 Red Cross in Co-ed.

And here’s a recap added one week later from Jenny Richardson of Goofy:

It was a really tight game! Super competitive and spirited, which was awesome! Really good players for both teams. More of our team showed up this week so that was helpful.
We started late due to the football players. They took half. Their were a few more calls the second half because it was getting more competitive which can male people chippy, but all in all still spirited.

They were up 2 (12-14) when we were worried about lights. The agreement was made by both teams to continue to play until the lights went off. We got a break back to make it 14-14. Both teams had scoring chances on the tied point. There were lots of turns on both sides. Cheshire was driving down the field when the light went out.
Great game over all!


  • Douglas McLaughlin

    June 16, 2018 at 2:06 pm

    I’m proud to have captained one of those teams (Joey Chestnut) to tie and win Summer League. Of note, I also co-authored an article on the value of ties (see below). I believe my winter league team (Tarmac) may also hold the record for most ties (and that we may even be tied for that record). All that said, I hate ties.

    Cesar R. Torres and Douglas W. McLaughlin. “Indigestion?: An Apology for Ties” Journal of the Philosophy of Sport, 30(2), 144 – 158.

    “In the contemporary sport world, ties are generally regarded with great disdain. The indigestion generated by tied sporting contests, as exemplified in the reaction to the 2002 Major League Baseball All-Star game, seems, in an important way, to misunderstand the very purpose of sporting contests. In order to appreciate the validity of ties, sportspeople must retrace the move from test to contest. We do not advance suggestions to take this move seriously merely to support our argument about ties; we advance them to display how sporting contests are most fully experienced and known. Our discussion of the work of prominent philosophers supports our claims of not only why ties should be accepted but also how we should understand the logic and purpose of sport contests. Equipped with a fuller understanding of the purpose of sport, the move from outcome seekers to resolution seekers is necessitated, a move that supports the possibility and validity of sporting contests ending in a tie. It even creates a sense of indigestion about those contests that go to unfair or extreme measures to determine a winner and a loser.”


  • tteitsworth

    June 19, 2018 at 12:50 pm

    People seem to think everyone loses in a tie but I think everyone WINS.

    Also, I was on Red-Cross in 2015. Didn’t realize we were the only co-ed tying champs!


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