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Wow, are we getting this thing wrong with a capital ong.  In the pre-season poll, Lady was the definite favorite to win the whole thing, but now after starting the season 0-3, you have to wonder, do we just not know what we’re talking about?  Are we crazy?

I think this sums it up more than anything I can think of:

Yeah, well said Jim.  And good question, where AM I in all this?

Well, I’m here to let you know that yeah, we’re screwing up this Lady thing, but rest assured, this is an outlier.  Previously I asked you guys to pick the pre-season winner last year and you guessed Dionysus, who did in fact go 7-2 and finished in 2nd place.  The last time before that I asked was 2014 and you picked Gold Room, who went a perfect 10-0.  So you can relax.  You guys know your stuff.  You’re just a little off this year.

But it is still surprising this 0-3 start for Lady.  Let’s see if we can glean any information from the two recaps I have for you.  First one is from Stephen Thies of Brian Gryffindor:

Super fun game played tonight as Team Brian (TB) took on Lady.

Things got off to a great start, both teams were running drills at 8:00p, did their pep talks and first pull was at 8:17. I love it! I’m hoping for an 8:15 first pull this coming week (Looking at you team Ren & Stimpy!)

TB opened up and marched right down the field for the first score. I believe a throw from Jeff to Rico. However Lady answered back with 2 of their own, highlighted by a nasty inside flick by Judge for a big gainer, and a same third short hammer for a score from Judge to Helena (I think?)

TB was able to answer with a run of their own, scoring 4 in a row to go up 5-2. After that we traded points to half 6-2, 6-3, 7-3, 7-4, 8-4. While Lady earned every point they got, my pull during this run of points that went directly out of bounds at mid field certainly didn’t slow their offense down. Last week I dropped a pull, so it seems I should avoid anything pull related, otherwise I’m on track to throw a Callahan next week…

TB opened up half with a break to go up 9-4, but Lady made it clear they were not going out without a fight, as we traded points up to 13-8.

TB was able to pull away at the end and I believe took the final score at 15-8.

Highlights of the night were

Stig skying a TB male captain who shall remain nameless…

JJ on TB making a great deep cut, should have come down with a score but got fouled (uncontested) on the catch 🙁

Rico on TB getting two sick lay out D’s, one of them followed up with the bookend score

Sparta making a layout catch for score at some point mid game

Oh, and a crazy catch for the final play of the night by Brad Ross on a super bladey, falling away from him, high stall count cross field throw.

Sorry I don’t remember many of the Lady highlights, but they were truly super fun to play with and had by far the best post game cheer/mvp game.

Okay, that’s pretty good.  Nice Lady and the Tramp reference.  What are they eating?  It looks like a banana?  A large piece of Poly-O string cheese?  An uncooked mini baguette?  It’s tough to tell.

Since Friends gifs are all the rage lately, might as well keep the trend going.  Here’s Colin Whitman of Lady with his re-telling of events:

While I think the following gifs tell the most succinct version of last night’s game between Lady and Brian, let me elucidate.

After 2 tight losses two weeks in a row, Lady assembled the most fearsome version of their roster yet, with only two players missing. As the game began, Lady got amped to test out its newly assembled recliner and cruise down easy street.

However, we forgot the nuts and bolts of basic frisbeeing. No fear. Those are easily found and rebuilt with ease, but as off- nights go….. That task proved to be more difficult than expected. Not to take away anything from Brian, but self inflicted wounds crushed any momentum we would build.

Ok, fine. Herculean efforts from Lady Stig, Judge, Marcus, Kelvin, Hans, Darren, Greta, Tiff and Helena with a run through D wouldn’t be enough to dig us out of the 4-8 halftime hole.

9-15, brian takes the win.

We won the party. Beating 4 teams at the bar is better than one team at the field, right?

Oops, snuck a 30 Rock gif in there.  Nobody can fully commit to Friends.  I don’t know what it is.

And yes, in my world, bar wins trump game wins.  I got you.

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  • Sparta

    June 10, 2018 at 10:34 am

    Okay, to be fair, I did CLEARLY warn everyone that I have no idea how to set up a field. Plus, I just tried to copy the dimensions of the field next to us but then they made some sneaky moves and shortened their field after ours was set up. I did forget many cones though soooooo….


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