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Princess Unikitty
Blue's Clues


Three games on Monday.  This is the first one.  Or more accurately, the first one I received a recap for.

Last week dogs held a slight lead over the cats.  Just one more victory.  Let’s see if this week the cats can even things up.

First dog/cat match-up goes the feline way.  Here’s Blue’s Clues co-captain Bryan DeVore:

Setting the record straight for posterity, I am absolutely not reluctant to captain. Nervous I wouldn’t be good at it? Sure. Thankfully Blue’s Clues is filled with a very fun, spirited crew that could run themselves! We show up in droves. Both on the field and at the bar.

My biggest mistake as a captain so far was choosing a schedule that put us on the Balboa fields for 2 out of the 3 games to be played there. But now they are finished and I think we made it through unscathed! Good bye and good riddance!

Credit to Pink as they played an absolutely marvelous game. Their handler defense shut down our dumps and forced us to turn it over near our own end zone. Papa had a ridiculously high hammer to Dylan that landed beautifully in his hands. Bred and Jeff helped anchor the handler set and were all around solid. Lu was all over the field getting D’s and scores.

Despite Lisa’s amazing effort to put the team on her back, Unikitty took a 6-3 lead. Blue calls a time out to try to calm our nerves. We take a deep breath in and exhale. That must have been what we needed, as we come out and hold on offense. Radka takes the reigns from Lisa to throw a couple of great hucks. We break, then we break again. 6-6 and we’re back in it. We trade the last few points of the half and they take it, 8-7.

The second half of the game moved very quickly out of the gates and was close as we traded for a bit, but eventually Unikitty found the gas pedal again and pulled away from us. End score 15-12.
Shoutouts to Kevin and Andre for working hard on D to contain some great players, Ryan for making some stellar deep cuts and scoring, and Jack for breaking no glassware at Robin Hood.

Is there a place in the hall of records for bar attendance? Blue’s Clues seems to be gearing up for a shot at that title.

I would love to have bar attendance in the hall of records.  But I’ll need some really accurate post-game recaps for that.  Or just a series of photos for all teams at all bars.  Totally doable, right?

I admit I wasn’t psyched to have to play some games at Balboa again this year.  I thought we were done with that place.  But it was only 3 games to start the season before Sepulveda Basin was free, so hopefully it wasn’t too terrible.

Princess Unikitty gets their first win.  Last season the pink team won the title, which was really interesting because it tied that color with the most tournament wins with black and white.  There have been 28 black teams and 28 white teams.  The most of any color.  But pink, with only 11 teams, has won as many tournaments.  So Princess Unikitty has a lot to live up to.  Blue’s Clues on the other hand has no similar pedigree.  No team that has been either Blue or Royal Blue has won Summer League.


  • cludwig

    June 12, 2018 at 12:12 pm

    Andy how could you forget ice ice baby from 90s year? We were definitely blue and we won!


  • Andy Bandit

    June 12, 2018 at 12:32 pm

    That was Sky Blue. I should’ve clarified. Navy Blue, Midnight Blue, Sky Blue have all won. But just Blue. Or Royal Blue have not.


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