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If we’re not talking about the next generation of L.A. players and how they’re already taking over even though they’re minors, then we are not watching.  The high school team Powerline beat some club teams this past weekend at the one-day Co-ed tournament in Glendale.  And high school players Danny Landesman and KJ Koo both went in the first round of this year’s draft.  Unfortunately their teams don’t play each other this season cause that would be a game you’d have to circle on your schedule.  But my point is that the future of LA Ultimate is bright, and it’s great to see such talent coming up through the ranks.

Here’s KJ’s captain Josh Wiensch of Hello Kitty with the recap:

Last night was rough for me. Not because hello kitty didn’t do well, or I played terribly, but because I didn’t get to play at all. Oddly enough, I cracked or sprained a rib at last week’s game and I think it was probably from pulling too many dimes to the back corner of the endzone. Those were the doctor’s words anyway…

This left me free to text myself updates about the game throughout the night. I’ll copy those text messages here for the point by point recap.

We have a really tight roster on the guy side. Only six guys and five ladies made it. Kitty loses flip and starts on offense.

KJ to Gino 1-0
KJ to Doug 2-0
KJ to Gino 3-0
Hammer to Deeve 3-1
Long point Amy to KJ with a laser 4-1
Time out red, Our guys are pretty gassed
KJ to Amy 5-2
Andrew S to Gino 50 yard huck 6-2
KJ to Moira 7-3
Doug to KJ 8-4
Halftime, not much said. Rested and Rested
Amy to Andrew S 9-6
Doug to Tight 10-6
Andrew S to Andrew T 11-6
KJ to Andrew 12-6
Andrew to KChu 13-7
Ethan to KJ 14-7
Run through layout D by Amy but they score 14-8
Doug with some magician D
Amy to Andrew 15-8
Hello Kitty wins 15-8

Hello Kitty was really starting to gel last night. I really love how everyone was involved on the field and it felt like we were working like a well oiled machine We could really trust our teammates on defense and everyone could then focus on their individual match-ups and that cohesion and trust really paid off for us.

I can’t wait to get back out on the field with this group.

Might want to load a good Notebook App on your phone so you don’t have to keep texting yourself.  But then again, it’s nice to get texts.

That’s six assists and three scores for KJ.  Part of 9 of the 15 scores for Hello Kitty.  He can only be contained.

Hello Kitty now leads the cat side with a 2-1 record and +8 point diff.  The only three undefeated teams are all dogs.

Speaking of dogs, here’s some words from Blue’s Clues’ side.  It’s co-captain Bryan DeVore:

Another Monday, another wonderful night for Blue’s Clues! This would have been our third dog vs. cat game, but there are some wild misconceptions here. In a league of cats and dogs, there is one problem. Hello Kitty is a girl (dressed as a cat). Can we rebrand them? CatDog? Tony the Tiger? Lion-O? Snarf? THUNDERCATS HOOOOOOOOOOOO

We had some new faces for the first time and now we have officially met all of our team! We had 3 players from Davis and Santa Cruz that after finishing up school for the semester, showed up and boy, did they! After watching KJ tear through some of our other players, Kris and Roland stepped up and really challenged him with some great defense and hard cuts on offense. Maaike ran her heart out and was open on almost every cut she made. Besides me almost locking lips with Jack at the bar, the highlight of the night was watching her get up high to rip down a disc from two defenders closing in on either side! If only…

Much like this recap doesn’t do justice to how beautiful our team is, neither does the end score of 15-8. I can’t say enough wonderful things about our roster. Every week we aim to work on one thing that we can improve on as a team and those focuses (foci? Who knows?) are paying off. We forced many turns from a very strong Hello Kitty team and unfortunately failed to capitalize on their mistakes.

Alex and Steph fully integrated into our offense and really spearheaded our movement down the field. Both had some great grabs to save possession. Alex’s catching radius belongs on sports science!
Amy and KChu were monsters cutting and with the disc.
As this is the first recap for a team that played against Hello Kitty, I feel like I should warn anyone that isn’t aware that there is not enough space to talk about how great KJ is and will be. I had the pleasure of playing against him today and yesterday. Looking forward to matching up more!

As for the bar after? You already know. Blue’s Clues killed it! A definitive 3-0 bar team. Our waitress asked after Seth and Andy by name and was pretty disappointed you haven’t been by recently. We promised to drag you out, so come join Blue’s Clues at the Robin Hood next Monday!

Is it clear that Hello Kitty is a girl dressed as a cat?  In my limited research on this, it seems apparent that she’s not a cat.  The company that created her is definitely adamant about that.  And they do call her a girl.  BUT…. is she a girl in a cat costume?  Or is she a cat-like girl?  Cause that part is not clarified.  I’m going out there on a limb and saying they believe that she’s a girl who just happens to look like a cat.

I have a few other questions:

Why did you almost make out with Jack?

Which waitress was it from the Robin Hood?  There’s one who has a huge crush on Seth.  (Although, at most bars there’s usually at least one of those.)

Did you know that at 26.2, you have the youngest team on average in the league?  Second youngest is Goofy, at 27.4.  The oldest team on average is easily Scooby Doo, at 34.4.


  • DeVore

    June 20, 2018 at 4:21 pm

    I concede that I do not know if she is dressed like a cat or just a cat-like girl. I assumed because she is a human that she doesn’t normally look cat-like.
    I wish I remembered the name of the waitress, but I cannot.
    Although I didn’t know, I’m not surprised that we’re the youngest team. I’m very sad that Blue’s Clues doesn’t get to play Scooby Doo. I think our team could learn a lot from playing them. We share a field one week, but aren’t matched up.


  • Josh

    June 21, 2018 at 10:10 am

    There is certainly some confusion on this topic. The post scriptum I added to my first team email was based on a Sanrio company statement from 2014. “P.S. Fun fact. The Sanrio corporation, who created Hello Kitty, once made a public statement that Hello Kitty is not a cat. In fact, she is a cartoon character and a little girl. She is a friend but she is not a cat. She is never depicted on all fours. She walks and sits like a two legged creature. Her real name is Kitty White and she is a Scorpio and blood type A”

    I have done additional research since this and it seems that the company has changed their tune after some outrage from Hello Kitty fans. A different statement by a company spokesperson after this incident. “Hello Kitty was done in the motif of a cat. It’s going too far to say that Hello Kitty is not a cat. Hello Kitty is a personification of a cat.” They used the word “gijinka,” which means “anthropomorphization” or “personification.”

    A commentator has summarized her interpretation of the interaction as follows. “Hello Kitty is just one in a long line of personified animal characters, including Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Goofy, and others. Although he may be able to drive cars, steer boats, and serve as a sorcerer’s apprentice, Mickey’s still a mouse, just like Hello Kitty — who bakes, goes to school, and is on the side of a 777 — is still a cat.” – Catherine Garcia

    I am now firmly on the side of Kitty White being a cat.


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