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Felix the Cat
Cheshire Cat


First, a note about Felix the Cat.  You should know that originally I wasn’t going to use Felix.  Because the name was too close to another team I was considering, Fritz the Cat, which would’ve been the silver team.  And I thought it would be too confusing.  Fritz the Cat was quite the opposite of Felix.  If you’ve never heard of Fritz, google it, but first make sure you’re not at work.  It’s NSFW.  Eventually I decided against Fritz.  Too racy for the league, but a character I used to like growing up, from the animator Crumb, who they made a really good documentary about in the 90’s.

David Reed said no more Reedcaps for the year.  At least for the first week after, he’s true to his word.  Here he is with the events of the night:

Battle of the Valley Cats!

It’s always fun when two rosters full of people who’ve played a ton of collective pickup/tournaments/league together face off. You know their tricks, they know yours. A whole bag of NoHo and Lake Hollywood (R.I.P.) pickup players scratching it up tonight. (Snatch and Jo were right next to us in drafting order and every pick felt like a chess match to see who would steal the unknown sleeper Noho player. Lot of tense looks across the folding table)

Felix showed up stupid early and already had a drill running when Cheshire began to materialize and cleat up on the bleachers next to us. Tim and Goh were heckling my “coaching” pretty hard. I definitely was over-coaching our drill. Well done.

The game started off rough. Felix started on D with a zone that Cheshire calmly and methodically broke up the middle. Cheshire gets two breaks in a row to go up 3-0. This had me pretty worried since last week we went down 5-0 and never got our heads back up. I decided not to panic and save my timeouts. Felix worked it up calmly and floated one out to Kelsey for a thunderous full extension layout on the break side. I don’t know how she held on to the disc, but it got Felix pumped. From there it was one layout after another. Boom, BANG, CRASH!! Bodies flying. There should’ve been a camera crew out tonight. Cheshire’s Prof. X and Erwin also made it onto the reel a number of times. I handled a point with Max where we got an hour long track workout in 90 seconds just trying to get resets against them. The point was punctuated by an INCREDIBLE layout hand block by X.

Points are traded and Cheshire takes half. 8-5, 8-4?

Felix was forcing turns, but we had a problem. We REFUSED to see the break-side. Like it wasn’t even there. It was causing a lot of problems and Cheshire was squeezing us. We could work it up smooth as you please, but eventually get trapped on the line and panic. We always chose the open side, even when there was no mark, while the break was ignored. It’s like we were a cartoon cat whistling a happy tune, strolling down the lane who comes upon a fork in the road. On one side is a slice of pie under a box, propped up by a stick, with a string tied to it, and a sign that reads: “Free PIE!”. On the other side is a friendly shop that conveniently sells pies at a reasonable price. The free pie is OBVIOUSLY a trap, but we kept going for it, when we could’ve just crossed the street and purchased many pies with less hassle.

After a time out we all pledged allegiance to the break-side. NOW we were like a cartoon cat whistling a happy tune, strolling down the lane when we come upon a fork in the road. On one side , …wait this is clunky and awkward trying to describe a comic strip…hold on….grabbing some scratch paper..and…*scribble* *scribble*,and *erase* *erase*, *scribble* *scrabble*, *hashmarks* ouch! paper cut, *shade* and *shade*,*erase*, aaaaaaaand done!

“Felix Buys the Pie” ~ 2018 Artist: Banksy

This should explain it! With all the subtlety of a political cartoon (I think Sonic may have been a ripoff of Felix)

MAN! Our game got so much easier after we bought the pie. Felix goes from down 6-10 to tying it up at 13!

During this run there are more high-light layouts, skys, and hucks than I can remember. If you see anyone from this game at pickup with a gnarly turf burn ask them about it (Red Badge of Turfage). One got us particularly pumped: Kirkham going full horizontal to save a break-side goal on the near sideline, we convert to tie it up. He got so much air, distance and speed that he almost made it to the concrete! It was inspiring. Max also had a jaw dropping layout D and sky. Pineda caught everything I threw while absorbing contact, also had a few highlight Ds. Rune got her groove on in the endzone, going deep and getting up. Gabe was everywhere and had some nice sliding grabs. Erin and Chain snagged some deep shots. Justin Marsh played amazing D all night, came out of nowhere and nearly got a Callahan twice! Lippy played VERY impressive lockdown D on Snatch, who proactively called fouls on the mark. Props to Snatch for taking a LOT of contact and calmly calling foul with a smile. None were contested. I had nearly my whole 22 man roster show up tonight and everyone contributed, either by taking over a point, or by playing Sportscenter top 10 D. If I brain farted your high-light I’m sorry, shout it in the comments! It was amazing. Go ahead brag, sans humble, you earned it.

14-13 Cheshire

Felix Breaks 15-14 our first lead of the game! Everyone is out of breath asking me if that means it’s over. Silly kitties, win by two. We put on our strongest D line and eagerly race down the out of bounds pull, Goh taps it in and…


Cheshire played a REALLY hard fought long game, and did it with a smile. Who knows what would’ve happened if this game went the distance. Felix had momentum, but Cheshire was getting wise to our bag of trips. Very spirited game and a team that makes you work for everything. Props to the Cheshire women who were all balling and proved difficult to contain. Cubby threw a good hammer.

Felix has now won both of our games on lights. 7 lives left. Black cats, darkness, good luck?

Yeah, I was on one of the teams that lost to them on lights.  Very frustrating when you have the disc to tie.  Cheshire also has been a two-time victim of lights now.  Felix obviously needs to show up late to games and Cheshire and Garfield need to get there early.

Leave it to Reed to draw a cartoon to get his point across.  That is commitment to the recap people.

Reed said he couldn’t see the Break Side, but it’s right here:

This is literally the first thing that came up when I googled Break Side.  In fitting Ultimate fashion, naturally it’s a bar.


  • Reed

    June 26, 2018 at 4:37 pm

    I’m submitting this recap hoping to land an job at “Contested Strip”

    Also, I totally would have picked Fritz had that been an option. Love me some R. Crumb


  • Justin

    June 26, 2018 at 6:14 pm

    So this game started 8-4 Cheshire (CC started on O)
    CC gets 8 of first 12 points.
    Score was 11-7 at one point after half.
    3 points each out of half with Felix starting on O.
    Ends 15-14.
    Felix gets 8 of the last 12 points.
    Quite a turnaround.


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