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My game last night was pretty good.  But you really need to read about the game that happened on the other field between Scooby Doo and Princess Unikitty cause that game was awesome.  I caught the last few points and it was honestly thrilling.

But our game was pretty damn good too.  I’ll first give you Josh Wiensch’s recap from the Hello Kitty side:

I’m going to use this space to only say thank you to our kick-ass ladies (Amy, Karen, and Kaila) who played basically savage last night after a few last minute no-shows. They fought hard and Amy in particular carried much of the team on her shoulders. Garfield won 15-13 even after we were up 11-8. We could definitely use a couple more women because these “mostly savage” nights are a killer.

We’re working on getting them a replacement player for a woman lost for the rest of the season.

From my side, I’ll say that it was exciting cause it was our first win of the season.  The worst season I’ve ever had as a captain was St. John’s Red Storm in 2013 that went 3 and 6.  I’ve been pretty worried I was going to finish below that this year, and it’s still very possible.  Not predicting anything.  But getting that first win in was huge.

Also exciting because we came back from multiple deficits.  We were down 5-3 and came back to tie it at 6’s.  We were down 10-7 and tied it up at 11’s. And then again we had to come back from 13-11 to get 4 straight to win.  The team showed true heart down the stretch.  We even overcame a dropped pull which I think made it 10-7, and at the point it felt pretty bleak, so for the team to come together like we did, especially since I didn’t read them any Garfield comic strips like I have in previous weeks.  I mean maybe that’s the secret.  No more Garfield strips.  Stick with what works.

Well, just one more.

My wife would really not like that I posted that.  Don’t tell her.  And definitely don’t tell my dogs.

KJ didn’t show up for Hello Kitty.  And as Josh mentioned, they were very low on women.  No question those things factored into our win.  But a win is a win, and we’ll take it.

Licious showed up late again.  Although she wasn’t the only one.  Frances Hernandez also came late.  Those two made a huge difference down the stretch.  They’re both two way players who can run down hucks and also control the offense with their throwing game.

This was my first time playing with Carl Edwards since Masters Nationals with a Colorado team.  He just came back from winning a Gold Medal at Beach Worlds. As you do.  His presence on the team was substantial.

Chef had an impactful D on Josh in the end zone.  Buster had a great run through D.  Overall actually I thought our D played pretty well.  We forced a lot of turns.

The field at Rancho is narrow trying to fit two in.  It’s worth it, so I’m not complaining, but it’s noticeably harder to find open cutting lanes.

Joxer’s was good, but it isn’t the same without karaoke.

I knew Blitz was smart, but last night I learned he’s really smart, and in a very geeky way.  Doesn’t it make him more adorable?

Can you believe the only winless team left in the league is Lady, the concensus pre-season pick to win it all.

I think Amy Halvorsen was the only player from Hello Kitty I remember seeing at the bar.  To be fair, they have 4 players who aren’t old enough to go to the bar.  And several Sky Life players, and as much as I love that team, they notoriously do not often go to West side bars.

Josh’s wife Qiao showed up the the field and looked radiant.

Andy Brown has a really cool black lab.  He brought it to the bar.  That’s a nice looking animal.  Good sheen.

Joxer’s would really like us to let them know if games are running late so they can hold onto the cook if they need to.

The end.

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  • Kaila

    June 29, 2018 at 6:13 pm

    I just wanna give a huge shout-out to everyone on Hello Kitty for being so supportive of each other! Especially with me and taking the time to teach me to make handler cuts and so forth. I put that I wanted to be more of a handler on my summer league form but am constantly, pleasantly surprised when I am called to be the third handler on a lot (a Lot) of points. Even bigger shout out to Amy who put me in difficult situations throughout the game to help me grow! (Her exact words: “I want to challenge you.”) Thanks HK peeps!


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