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If you’re reading this recap, and didn’t see the other recap (Dynomutt vs. Lady), I mentioned some stuff about karaoke.  In particular the fact that there’s no Wednesdays on this year’s schedule near Joxer’s other than last night.  There ARE Wednesdays at Hollywood High now, but that’s way too far from Joxer’s.  So I mentioned that another Culver City bar Backstage Bar & Grill has karaoke Thursdays, so someone from tonight’s game may want to give it a try and report back.

Regarding last night’s game, it was Ren, of Ren and Stimpy fame, playing.  I was a HUGE fan of that show.  But it has the bizarre distinction of firing the creator.  John Kricfalusi was canned after like one or two seasons.  Joining Steven Jobs (Apple), George Zimmer (from the Men’s Wearhouse commercials “you’re gonna like the way you look, I guarantee it”) and Valerie Harper (the TV show “Valerie”.  How do you fire her???) in the unusual world of getting fired from the thing you created.

They were playing Hello Kitty which I admit to knowing almost nothing about, but my wife was really excited I chose that character.  Here’s Ethan Lacoe of Hello Kitty with the recap:

Tonight’s game features a lot of Hello Kitties. We had 19 players, including 12 men, 6 women, and a sub who was gracious enough to join us. The sub seemed necessary when requested, because we only had three confirmed women an hour before game time. Ren brought a small roster (10 players?), but most of their players that did show up were their big guns. We were feeling dat Kitty Swagger.

Unfortunately, it didn’t translate to points. Ren got out to an early lead, going up 2-1, 4-2, and taking half 8-3. Kwok was all over the place on both offense and defense, making layout catches and poach D’s. Their women made great cuts and their offense flowed like they had played together for years. Lot’s of difficult break mark throws and quality ultimate cuts. Their lead continued to grow in the second half, although Hello Kitty went on a short run near the end of the game. Ren won 15-7. Hello Kitty had a ton of drops. We probably made 15-20 unforced catching errors throughout the game.

There were some bright spots. Amy Halvorsen played fantastic, getting multiple hand blocks, making a nice catch on a huck, and being a leader for our handler line and our team. For the men, Ryan Berry impressed with difficult break mark throws, smart decision making, and a greater understanding of handler cuts than he had last season. This is also one of the most positive teams I’ve been on. Gideon and Tight kept the spirits high despite this not being our best performance. Fortunately, the only way to go from here is up!

Well, you don’t necessarily have to go up.  Four teams in history have gone winless.  But the last teams to do it happened 11 years ago in 2007.

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