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Our next recap comes from Captain James of the Jonas Brothers in their matchup against Backstreet Boys.

EDIT: I missed that I received not one, but TWO recaps for this game. The Backstreet Boys recap is added in below.

The Jonas Brothers eagerly gathered on a beautiful summer’s evening feeling like it was the year 3000. With the tune “I am a hucker for you” ringing in everyone’s ears, we got off to a hucking start against the Back Street Boys. Unfortunately “I am a hucker for you” did not translate into “I am a catcher for your hucks.” Half whizzed by in a matter of what felt like minutes with the Back Street Boys taking it 8 – 2. We were then able to bring it back to 13 – 8, but the match ended 15 – 8. While we did not get off to a winning start on the field, we definitely won the bar:

Ah yes, this sounds like a very great example of a first summer league game. New players, all amped for the season and out to make big moves. Just gotta work on making those connections. Glad to see you all had a strong bar presence though! Excuse me, now I have to go get “I’m a hucker for you” out of my head.

And here with the recap from the other end of the field is Captain Ethan of Backstreet Boys:

It was a great night to start the season with some interesting storylines. We had Brandon and Jackie Severson, brother and sister, facing off head-to-head. We also have another story that begins 23 years ago. The Backstreet Boys were at the height of their popularity and had just released one of the best-selling albums of all time, Millennium. At the time they were Larger Than Life! And on a quiet cul-de-sac called Mondego Place in Thousand Oaks, Adam Paicely and I were shooting hoops outside Adam’s mom’s house. We were good friends, and while we eventually grew apart, we both grew to love Ultimate years later. I’ve been aware for a while that Adam is active in the LAOUT community, and while we had crossed paths on occasion and briefly chatted, we had never played on the same team together. I can’t recall ever playing against him either. And in 2022, it finally happened!

The game started with a point unlike any other I’d ever seen in Summer League. The Jonas Brothers started on offense and worked the disc about 3/4 of the way up the field, only to turn the disc over a short distance outside of the endzone. On the turn, The Backstreet Boys slowly worked the disc up the field, with multiple swings, dumps, and short passes. When we got about 10 yards outside of the endzone, it became impossible to gain yards. After a total of around 50 throws, we finally scored. An incredible feat of patience for a Summer League team!

That point kind of set the president for the rest of the half. Backstreet Boys took Half 8-2. After trading a few points to start the second half, we found ourselves up 13-4. Then The Jonas Brothers made a bit of a comeback. One hold became one break which became four. The score was now 13-8 and they were pumped up, so we called timeout. After regaining our composure, we closed it out 15-8. It was a fun game. No foul calls. No arguments. Just a fun start to the season.

50 throws at the 10 yard line?! Way to really hang in there on both sides! That first point really sounds like both teams were fighting hard to put their spin on the game and Backstreet Boys pulled it off. Can’t wait to see how both teams learn to work together for the rest of the season!

Jonas Brothers have their next game against Beatles (haha okay really we need to get “The” added into some of these names) on Thursday.

Backstreet Boys will play on Wednesday against Jackson 5.

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