RecapSummer 2018LAOUT Summer League versus Joxer’s Regulars, Karaoke Edition

Here’s Stephanie Hicks with a recap of the karaoke performances at Joxer’s last night:


Last night was the epic matchup of the regulars who do karaoke every Wednesday at Joxer’s and the unruly masses of Ultimate players that descended on Joxers after the one and only Wednesday night game at Rancho Cienega. It was a gritty battle. There was laughter. There were tears. But in the end, only one group could shut down the bar. Here’s how it all went down in this epic video recap:

LAOUT arrived and took the lay of the land.

The Joxers Regulars started off strong. There was this guy, who killed it all night.

We had some valiant effort by some LAOUT members, working the stage, but not quite scoring.

Underdog’s Merlin and Cortez stepped up. But also not a home run since no one knew the words to these songs.

But then the Joxer’s Regulars got up and went on a huge run, shutting us out of the mic. There was a knock out version of “I’ll Make Love to You” that made every lady in the room wet…(sorry no video) and “Thinking Out Loud.” Did LAOUT even stand a chance? At this point we’re just resigned to jamming to the Joxer’s Regular’s vibe and licking Andy Bandit’s face.

This is hands down my favorite video of the night…

Andy and I try to sign up to sing but they say the line-up is already full. What? The we realize it’s after midnight and the night’s about to take a turn for the LAOUT Crew as up to the stage roar the ladies from Scratchy with “I Want it that Way.”

This song gets everyone so pumped up Dory and Viv literally stand on their chairs and start screaming the lyrics across the bar.

I’m not sure anyone can top this really… but boy am I wrong. The Blue’s Clues dudes follow it up with some Tay-Tay and then their ladies take the stage and suddenly the whole bar is dancing including the Joxer’s Regulars.

Side Note: Blues Clues is the shit you guys. Seriously. Underdog didn’t get to play them during the regular season, but I subbed on Goofy last night and we played them and seriously, they were SO fun even though they lost. Even when DeVore got bowled over by Keith and had to sit out. There was a lot of dancing and music on the sideline and they just seem to have the best time. I can’t say enough about how awesome first time Captains Deeve and DeVore are. And Blue’s Clues won Joxer’s last night. Hands down. I love them. Such a big fan.

The hour was late, but the night was just beginning for the LAOUT Karaoke team. Next up – Garfield led by Castro with some Mr. Brightside. This is definitely a contender for best song of the night.

The crowd was super into it.

Lu and Steve continue the streak with some Blink 182

Joel and Drew knock it out of the park with Stacey’s Mom.

Blue’s Clues continues to dominate with some Party in the USA.

This one you have to watch to the end just for the hips.

Garfield’s Sonja and Sam slay some Brittany. This one you have to watch to end to see how SUPER into it Andy is.

Seth then kills with some Heidi Ho. He gets two videos because it’s that good.

It’s 1AM. By this time we’ve clearly dominated the Joxer’s Regulars. The game is in the bag. These ladies make a last attempt to score with Zombie (which is a favorite of mine).

But alas. The night went to LAOUT. And it was a memorable one. And for whoever was left it ended with a Whole New World.

At the end of the night, Alex Scholefield and Nichole Riffenburgh were crowned the karaoke champions of the night.

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  • Liverpool

    August 10, 2018 at 8:19 am

    Best recap of the year, just because it’s Ultimate vs. a dive bar.


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