Archive-LeagueMini Bar League – March Mixer Edition

League Structure

  • Hat league with teams formed using data from the skills assessment survey

  • Teams play one night per week; Mondays (Sherman Oaks) from 8:30-10:30pm or Fridays (John Adams Middle School) from 8:30-10:00pm; round robin followed by a championship bracket
  • 10-12 players per team

  • Mixed: 2m/2w gender split; Men’s: 4m

  • Possible nightly bar tab and/or pizza night covered with league fees depending on # of players and budget


2/25 — League registration opens

3/5 — League registration closed

3/7 — League begins

3/28 — League ends, go to outdoor bar to celebrate!


The cost of this league is $40 and you must be a LAOUT member in good standing. If you have financial barriers please get in touch and we’ll work with you to make sure everyone can play.

Unique Rules & Match/Game Format

Point Totals

  • The first two games are to 5
  • The third game, if necessary, is to 3

Matches and Games

  • Matches are best of 3 games
  • The third game is not required if one team wins the first two games

Field size

  • Central Zone Length: 37 yards
  • Width: 25 yards
  • End Zone: 8 yards
  • Total Length: 53 yards (total length is the approximate width of an American football field)

Start of the Game

  • The first game of the match begins with the usual choice of end zone or possession
  • The initial choices are reversed at the start of the second game, and again if there is a tie-breaker

Special Tie-Breaker Rule

  • If there is a tie-breaker game, then any team on defense – at any point during the game (it could happen multiple times) may declare before the pull that that point is worth double (regardless of who scores) by raising two fingers in the air and yelling “Double-Down;” the receiving team must repeat the gesture and phrase back; once acknowledged then the pull may go up


  • Each point starts with a pull
  • Teams switch ends of the field after each point, as normal, with the following exception:
    • Any pull that touches the out-of-bounds area results in a “brick;” this includes all perimeter lines and includes any contact with those out-of-bounds areas even after the pull has hit the ground
    • In 4v4 the “brick” rule allows the receiving team to check the disc into play at mid-field (not 20yd in front of their endzone)

Stall Count

  • Stalls are 7 seconds (starting with 1 going to 7)
  • Stall at the “S” in “seven”
  • Stall counts resume as in USA Ultimate rule 15.a.5 with the following adaptations:
    • “9 if over 8” becomes “6 if over 5”
    • “6 if over 5” becomes “4 if over 3”
    • Contested stall
      • First call “5”
      • Second and subsequent calls when due to a fast count “3”

Time outs

  • 1 per game

Time of Game and Matches (caps)

  • 20 minutes each for first 2 games
  • 10 minutes for tie breaker
  • All times result in end of game at the end of the point.
  • Ties can happen
  • If teams tie in either of the first two games, the tie break game should be played.

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