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At about 10:30pm on Friday night, I got an email from Seth with the subject line Recap. At first, I thought maybe he had finally gotten around to writing a recap from their last game, but no. Even better. It’s a drunk update from the Marshall team trip to Mexico. Please enjoy.

Marshall 2020 recap from puerto Vallarta.

So far, we are very drunk at an all inclusive resort in puerto vallayayayayaland.

It’s been 21 fucking years.  Marshall can order it’s own drinks.  And south of the border- no one can question putting Zazu on the roster.  Cause she is.  Andy is kissing people, every sushi roll has cream cheese, and death by mariachi is possible.

We played the most dangerous game of our history so far- taste all the infused tequilas.  Pro tip- don’t infuse banana.  Mango and Jamaica are the clear favorites.

Perhaps the best part is the spouses playing significant points.  The ocean is warm, the pools are warmer, and our game is muy caliente.

Beware whoever we play Tuesday-  if your calls aren’t in Spanish- they don’t count.

Love from Mexico- Marshall 2020

I’m pretty sure Marshall is winning in Mexico, so I gave them 15, but I think Mexico scored a couple points with the death by mariachi and banana infused tequila.

I don’t know much about tequila and definitely thought drunk Seth was confused when he said Jamaica infused tequila, but apparently, that’s a real thing.

Marshall (2-2-2) will be playing their final game of the season against Pocket Monster (3-3) on Tuesday. I hope they’re working on their Spanish.

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  • Seth

    March 1, 2020 at 3:40 pm

    Ninja squirtles are a lovely team that is incredibly talented and better than Marshall. If we play a great game against them, we’ve got a 50/50 shot at best to beat them.

    The squirtles spirit is high, their calls beyond fair and a pleasure to play. It’s the type of team I want to see do really really well, like take us to 17-16 Marshall wins. Instead they just kicked our ass.


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