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Next in our recap backlog, we have Seth Gillum giving us the low down on the Marshall vs Dumbledore’s Army Friday night game. On a long weekend. I’m sure attendance will play a factor in this one.

Friday night in Santa Monica…For the Eastsiders, it’s a small victory just making it to the field before 8pm.  But we’ve got a lovely field and we are very thankful for it.

Finally FINALLY Marshall won the shirt color flip.  I offered RoShamBo, but Amy would have no part in it.  She insisted on the traditional flipping of two discs and called same.  From a strategy standpoint, she made the right call.  Because if there is any bias towards landing up or down more frequently, same should be the better choice.  (Just checked – the internet agrees)  Armed with our blue shirts, we knew we had an innate advantage going into the game.

Marshall once again started on D, went up a quick two breaks, and gave some back for a 3-2 Marshall lead.  The first half of the game featured more hucking than the second half, and more turnovers as well.  Much like Monday’s game, holding serve didn’t seem to be as defining as it usually is between two good teams.  And while Marshall looked like it was going to finish half up a break, instead Dumbledore took it 8-7.  While Dumbledore was chanting something about socks, wizardry, and hobbies, Marshall readied for a tough second half.  One of the interesting things about a game with a lot of turns, is as soon as one team stops turning the disc, you can get in trouble really fast.  It feels like you are doing exactly the same thing you were when you played even.  And you are.  But being just as good as you were in the first half won’t get the job down.  I watched some really nice DA patience on the goal line.  They had a bunch of opportunities to try to jam a tight pass in on the open side, but rarely took it.  And the same was true on the break side.  If the mark was good, they just swung the disc and waited for a better look.  How very un-Marshall of them.  Where’s the redone cross field hammers?  Clearly I don’t understand the game as well as I thought, cause they did just fine without them.

The play of the game came at 11-14.  High pass to Amy H running downfield.  She’s got her woman beat.  Cory H of Marshall sees the disc go up, and starts chasing.  He’s well behind, but the pass is floaty and he’s got a shot.  It’s clear it’s going to take a big layout to get the D.  Or a big offensive layout to keep the disc.  I can’t see what’s happening as bodies are flying through the air.  And I’ve got no idea who is going to come up with the disc.  But it’s DA’s Halvorson coming up with the huge grab!  And a quick toss to the end zone to seal the game.  11-15 wizards over muggles.  Cheers to DA on a nice win.  See you again on 3/24.  And Marshall is calling same on the flip.

First off, I love that Seth provided not one, but TWO different sources to back up the “same” strategy for disc flips. And yet, in this instance it didn’t work and proved to be the one way Marshall can win the shirt color showdown. That’s some black magic going on there.

And I feel the Marshall pain of realizing you’re all still doing the same thing in the second half, but the other team figured out how to adjust and it’s not working anymore. Clearly DA came back from half ready to manage some mischief. (sidenote – where is the famous DA groupme recap? I want to see all the wizardly nicknames!)

Marshall drops to 2-2 and after having two games last week, they have a bye this week so their next game is on Monday against Skeeter (1-1-1).

Dumbledore’s Army is now 3-0-1 and also has a bye this week (maybe all A divisions teams have a bye this week? I haven’t looked into it.) and will play TBD v.4 (0-3) on Tuesday.

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