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Next up in the recap backlog is a tale of the Marshall vs Skeeter game. Two teams that have been in Winter League as long as I’ve been playing, so this isn’t their first rodeo. Speaking of, I wonder if any players from either team have ever been to a rodeo. Maybe that’s the new poll I’ll post. And maybe I shouldn’t drink wine while I write these… who can say?

Anywhoo… onto the recap from our most consistent recapper, Seth Gillum.

Finally, a team that doesn’t clash with our jerseys. No flip or RoShamBo for shirts. So at least at the start of the game, everyone was a winner.

There were a few storylines going into the matchup.

MER and Mercer. MER has been coaching Mercer since he was 11. Will the student become the master?

Stig and Evan. I’ve seen those two battle it out high in the air in our winter league games for many many years.

Jeff and Greg “Cubby” Preston”. True opposites in play style and also the oldest players on their team. Who would bring more to the table?

The Oxy women, Lily and Sophie. We hoped to somehow get them on Marshall through a long and convoluted plan of possibly getting Ed and Enway (Oxy’s woman coach), then asking them. I believe Jeff just asked them. In retrospect, clearly we went about it wrong.

The return of Andy Bandit, who has now been on the team for every winter league since 2000.

Let’s get to the game. Quick opening agreement to play to 15 if time allows. Play starts with Skeeter using junky D with a lockdown on handler swings. Marshall gets burned deep a few times and starts to adjust. Guarding someone faster than you is a hard adjustment to make. So being able to adjust with any success was lovely. Skeeter took a lot of deep shots. And broke the mark really well. Sadly Cam pulls a hamstring while getting wide open going deep and is out for the rest of the game. Marshall women did almost all of our scoring. Including super sub Sam streaking deep for a score in her first point on the field. (Skeeter asked for two subs, but then had more women then they needed- we debated… Do we need a sub, do we want a sub… for the future- Good rule of thumb, always take Sam.) Half Skeeter 8-5?

Coming out of half, more adjustments. On the pregame storylines…
Evan sadly couldn’t make the game. Stig looked fast, jumped high and scored goals. The only time anyone gave him any trouble at all in the air was PVP, and that was one play.

Mercer played well above his age. Skeeter gave him their game MVP. Meanwhile MER does the classic run open side, point break, receive a PERFECT hammer from Greg. Note for all future cutters, you don’t ever need to point for Greg to throw the hammer.

Sophie and Lily both brought it. Sophie had some fantastic deep cuts, Lily has great field sense and finds herself in the right spot more often than I’d like.

Andy Bandit got on the field, made a classic Andy Bandit diving/falling D- but two babies might have slowed him down just enough to miss by inches. So good seeing that guy back on the field in Marshall blue.

And Jeff vs. Cubby…. Jeff threw great passes (I don’t recall a turnover from him) found the right space, and made sure that if anyone left him – they would pay. Classic. Lesser known fact. Greg is not known as Cubby because of his ursine traits. It’s actually short for “Captain Unbelievable”. Because you cannot believe what that guy does. Coming to the game after a weekend ER visit, hopped up on painkillers and probably muscle relaxers, of course he’s going to play. And while he dropped a pass that was right in his hands (Unbelievable), he also threw an unbelievably perfect hammer to MER. But the most unbelievable play of the whole night was a huck to Greg that turned and came in blade-y on the break side. The defense was draped over him, the disc impossible to read. But Cubby lets it fall over his back shoulder (the one place the defender can’t get to) and catches it NFL receiver style in the basket for the goal. And giggles. Cause he always giggles when he makes an unbelievably good play. Was that intentional? Who knows. Who cares. Hell of a grab Cubby.

In the second half, the story is Marshall making hucks and break mark throws harder for Skeeter. And Skeeter forcing Marshall into 5+ turnovers right when we were on their goal line as we looked to score. Corey Howard made two amazing layout grabs. Skeeter’s Lotto made an even bigger end zone grab (but hit the ground hard and couldn’t hold on to the disc). Same dude worked way too hard (or did a great job- depending on your perspective) guarding me. Crunch found a wide open PVP for a big huck. James Erdmann had a fabulous game. The Marshall women kept us alive both scoring needed goals and getting open when the guys were locked down. High throw to Casey, who grabs it. High ball to Taylor who grabs it. Personal shoutout to Stacy, who was aways open for me whenever I got the disc. All but three of our scores were to Marshall women. All in all, a really fun game where a lot of people had throws they wish they could have taken back. A high turnover game, but fun and spirited as well. Final score- 15-11. Skeeter for the win.

MER and Mercer- the student has become the master….

As I was reading this recap for the first time and I read “The return of Andy Bandit” there was a very loud record-scratch sound going through my head and my eyes popped out a little bit. In retrospect, I know I should never be surprised by Andy. This is a very Andy thing to do.

I always love to hear about the “Cubby” origin story.  I’ve heard it before, but I always forget, and it never ceases to entertain me.

But the real takeaway I’m seeing here is the MER / Mercer story. If that isn’t what ultimate and LAOUT are all about, I don’t know what is.

Marshall drops to 2-3. They’ve cooled off from their opening winning streak, but they still have the spirit to carry them through. And speaking of spirit, they’ll be having a rematch against TBD v.4 (0-4) on Tuesday. Will the Seth have learned new rock paper scissor strategy to take down Greta? I can’t wait for the recap to find out!

Skeeter (who I think have some of the best uniforms in the league) are now 3-1-1 and will play Ninja Squirtles (3-1) on Monday. Will there be a recap? Who will tell us the outcome??

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  • Andy Bandit

    March 3, 2022 at 9:56 am

    Christi, I have been to a rodeo in Austin, TX. If you’ve never seen Mutton Busters, you need to go to a rodeo. It’s the cutest thing ever.

    Great recap again Seth. Cubby’s over the shoulder catch was Olympic level. The MER / Mercer storyline was fun. Sam Kelley was indeed fast. Casey Benkwitt breaks away from every defender and catches everything. Joxer’s was so happy to have people on a Monday night they were practically giving away alcohol. It was great to play with Marshall again for the one game I can make all season.

    But if you take away anything from this comment, it’s Mutton Busters.


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