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Hold onto your hats, kiddos, because we have not one, but TWO recaps from the Marshall/TBD v4 game! What a time to be alive!

As per the standard recap formatting tradition established by Andy Bandit, these recaps will be posted in order of receipt. First up is Greta Becker from TBD v.4.

Recaps are backkkkk. Let’s gooo!

TBD has brand spankin new jerseys and they are DARK this year. Marshall is dark blue and we were at an impasse from the get go. Seth and I played rock paper scissors for color/setting up the field. I’m not gonna say I crushed him but I soundly won. TBD stays dark and we google how big the field is supposed to be.

Seth and I play rock paper scissors for O/D or endzone. I’m 3 for 3. Is rock paper scissors an Olympic sport?

Any who, game starts with TBD scoring on a sick huck from Kyle to me. I’ll do push-ups I’m sorry. Lemme hype up my teammates and the amazing players on Marshall. Next point Megan has a sweet hand block but Marshall can get low and snags it last second to set them up for an easy toss to Casey for the score. Fun fact, Casey is really good at catching popped champagne corks in cups.

Marshall tries to cheat by putting 7 on the line but it’s okay because Eddie and Becky were so chilly while Grant ran all over and we score! Elliott traveled? Questionable but it doesn’t matter cause Jackie streaks deep. That’s a breakkkk. 3-1

Let’s take a moment to talk about how fast Dave is. I just…how. HOW? Tell us your secrets.

More first half highlights: Everest is tall if you didn’t know. Cory absolutely cannot tell Kevin and Grant apart, even when Grant is standing right next to him and Kevin is the one on the field. Good job Kevin, we all saw that amazing D. Connie is fast as frick and is constantly open. Zesty throws a DIME to Eddie. Seth be out here throwing sneaky throws and Nessy is everywhere on the field!!! TBD takes half 8-7. What a ballgame.

The second half is the trading of points. Marshall throwing more cheeky endzone throws that break our brains and Cory turns on the jets for an impressive grab in the back of the endzone.

Eddie can fly. I’m convinced. He literally floated in the air multiple times, what even.

Reminder on foul calls that this isn’t soccer and it doesn’t matter if you “touched the disc”, vertical space is vertical space and if you jump horizontally into someone that is a foul. Not going to say any more than that.

Back to the game. TBD is up 10-9 after a messy AF endzone. But Marshall responds and eventually they take the lead 11-12. But Kevin toes it in and it’s 12s!! WHAT WILL HAPPEN. It’s getting close to 10pm and Dave and Feeney are like “tired? What’s tired?” and they go up 12-13. But don’t forget, Eddie can FLY. 13s.

AJ has an amazing layout grab to make it 13-14 and then the park person tells us we have two minutes so Marshall pulls. Grant is SO excited he is SPRINTING to get the out of bounds pull. But alas we cannot tie it and Marshall wins 13-15. GREAT game with Marshall. Loved the back and forth even if we didn’t win. And don’t forget we won rock paper scissors so it’s basically a tie.

Also want to shout out Crunch for trying to decipher Tarkle Barkle Darkle.

Now THAT’S a recap! Excellent writing, Greta! I feel like I was there! My one critique would be that there is a severe lack of GIFs, but I’ll let it slide this time.

Sidenote – While I do not think rock, paper scissors is in the olympics, I did just happen to listen to a podcast where someone wanted to sell their art collection and had Christie’s and Sotheby’s battle for the auction rights via a rock paper scissors match. Wild things happen when you’ve got too much money.

Anyways… back to the recaps. Here’s the Marshall side of the story from non-other than Seth Gillum, who apparently needs to brush up on his rock paper scissor skills. Just sayin…

For the A league, Marshall is an old team.  We’ve got more players in their 40’s than we do players in their 20’s.  By a LOT.  And usually, thats cool.  Wisdom can help win games.  But last night…. It certainly didn’t help in the Rock Paper Scissors for shirt color.  Or for the Rock Paper Scissors for pull.  Greta wrecked me in both games.  Straight sweep.   Wisdom can’t help you with that kind of loss.  And no matter how tricky you may think you are, if you can’t beat them at Rock Paper Scissors- can you actually beat them on the field??

(Scouting report on TBD, Greta shot rock, then paper)

Marshall started on D as TBD decided to pick wind.  There wasn’t a ton of wind, but it was there.  For the second week in a row, Marshall discussed exotic D options before the game- then didn’t use it.  Beware!  Our theoretical defensive options are tremendous.  We did manage to use a call “Marshall” for some plays, but mostly it made me feel like a Smurf.  For we use “Marshalll” interchangeably as a noun, verb, adjective and adverb.  On the upside if you have only one call, you know you are always making the right call.

We see a few TBD players every week at Sunday pickup.  I felt we have a pretty good idea of what to expect. Around backhand breaks.  Hucks.  Speed.  It’s easy to know what players/teams want do.  The hard part is stopping them.  We had a hard time stopping them.  Their deep game was working.  It seemed like we were close on a lot of their shots.  “That’s the shot we want them to take” was said perhaps a few too many times.  Eddie was shooting and playing monster D.  The TBD women were working the downfield.  Forehand hucks flew from everyone.  Over the night, 8-ish TBD passes missed their intended target, but were caught anyway on hustle plays.  I kept thinking, “this can’t keep working for them”  But it did. In short, TBD brought it tuesday night.

There were a fair share of turnovers. Numerous points where the D would march it all the way down the field, then turn it on the goal line.  Points were long, and I don’t think I’ve played that much D on the O line in ages.  It was a gritty game where you had to fight through long points.  Yet strangely offense usually scored in the end.  The game was within one point most of the night. Marshall would get a break or two, then give them back.  Every point felt like it was a BIG point.  TBD was looking to huck when they saw a matchup they liked.  Coming off of a swing or an upline cut, you could be sure someone was sprinting for a deep look.  TBD also played some fine D, and there were stretches where you just had to grind to get open. Gary and Connie always seemed to find themselves some space when we needed it most.  But the whole team stepped up. We needed everyone on Marshall to find their moment. And they did.   While it was sometimes dicey, we didn’t need bail out heroic passes.  We just had to grind.  And keep grinding.

I think TBD took half 8-7.  Marshall made some unspecified adjustments.  Who knows if they helped.  No one led by more than 2.  Marshall was up a break for a few points.  But TBD got it back. At 13-13, it felt like anyone’s game.  Marshall put it in, 14-13 and we got a 2 minute warning on lights.  We decided to play the point, give TBD a chance for the tie.  Marshall had a horrible pull, unintentonally out of bounds by a lot.  Lights pressure… Grant ran a full sprint to get the disc, mistakenly spotted it 15 yards upfield from where it went out of bounds, then sprinted back to something close to the correct spot.  We marked flat.  And on a rushed around backhand, TBD turfed it.  Marshall disc.  Less than a minute left.  Were it me, I’d swing the disc till the lights went out.  Play a careful game.  And that’s why I’ll never be a true baller.  Because Connie went to get the disc, saw Knight running deep and shot it.  15-13 Marshall.  Without the pressure of the lights, it would have been a very different finish.  Great game TBD.

Fun stuff – Eddie got way up for some huge D’s.  There was one in particular where we thought he jumped early.  But he just hung in the air.  TBD ran a bunch of ho stack points with all the men in the handle and all the women upfield, which was a look that worked well for them.  Elloit and AJ both with full extension layouts on a deep shot.  Aj was in front, but elliot is awfully fast.  Somehow AJ managed to get the disc for the score-you’ve still got it buddy. But the things I remember most were small things.  Teammates getting open when I couldn’t  (MER).  Saving a low questionable hammer that wasn’t meant for him (DOM)  Moving the mark based on sideline calls to help Gary get a great D (Casey).  Stuff like that isn’t super impressive.  It’s hard to go home and feel thrilled about making the offense a little bit easier on the margin.  Making a throw a little harder.  9 out of 10 times, it doesn’t change the outcome of a play.  But string enough of those plays together, and that’s worth a point or two.  TBD had that too, in different ways.  All those hustle plays that gave a secondary receiver a chance at a disc.  They were in the right place so often to help, it was more then lucky breaks, that was some team synergy.  It was great (and heartbreaking) to see.

Marshall got Crunch and Cory (five days after he got out of the hospital with a collapsed lung) playing their first game for us, bringing some much needed fresh blood to the team.  And we’ve got goals.  Keep going out for drinks.  Try to to never lose the shirt color RoShamBo again.  More Marshall gear.  Stay healthy. 

Wow. I mean this sounds like it was definitely and exciting game to watch. I don’t think I know who Eddie is but I imagine he looks something like this out on the field:

Marshall is still showing all the youngin’s how it’s done with a 2-0 start to the season. Their next game will be against Ninja Squirtle on Monday, Valentine’s Day. Fun fact: I once played with Marshall as a sub on Valentine’s Day in… 2019 maybe? Good times!

TBD v4, I think, is 0-2 so far. Not all of the scores have been entered into ultimate central though, so someone let me know if that’s wrong and I’ll update. Their next game will be Wednesday against Skeeter.

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