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Ladies and gentlemen, here is your 7 on the line…ok technically it’s 9 but you get the idea. This summer after elections and natural selection this is the group of people who will be spending the next 2 years doing their best to serve you, the LAOUT community. This ragtag conglomeration of humans is here to make sure you have the opportunity to play as much ultimate as your bodies can handle.


President, Club LiaisonRemy Schor

Remy has been playing Ultimate since 2000, when she started playing summer league in Chicago. Remy is the National Mixed Director for Club Ultimate for USA Ultimate. She sits on USAU’s Competition Committee & Club Working Group, helping to organize and plan each upcoming club season with an emphasis on big picture growth for the future of our sport. When not at the office, she’s probably playing Ultimate, organizing Ultimate, or Crossfitting.


Vice President, Youth DirectorGrant Boyd

Grant started playing ultimate in 2002 in front of his MA high school with a local player turned mentor. After starting a college team, coaching, and playing competitively in NYC; Grant moved to LA in 2012. After leading local clinics and youth events, Grant founded and is now the the Executive Director of both Southern California Youth Ultimate (SCYU, pronounced Sky-You!) and California Ultimate Association. He still plays for the SoCal Condors; and is an amateur disc golfer and salsa maker.


Secretary, Diversity & Inclusion DirectorLauren Hill

Lauren started playing ultimate in 2005 after signing up for Summer League with two college friends. Other than a short stint in Atlanta for grad school, LAOUT has been Lauren’s ultimate home for over 13 years. She has a passion for social justice and equity which has led her to be active in LAOUT leadership and the effort for gender equity in our community. Lauren coaches Crossfit and loves when that and ultimate meet in the gym or on the field!

Chair, Programming DirectorAndy Bandit

Andy has been running tournaments (and tourney parties) since 2003. Was LAOUT President from 2004 to 2018. And is currently TDing the Lei Out tourney. That means he held that position longer than FDR was president of the country.  And we’re not even at war.  Mic drop.


TreasurerJoanna Whitney

Joanna has been playing ultimate for the past nine years. Since moving to LA, she’s been involved with LAOUT in many different forms, from captaining Animal Style and Reign, to helping run St. Pat’s Hat 2018. In her regular life, Joanna works as a producer for different reality tv shows. This means she is good at organizing chaos, which is why she’s very excited to tackle the treasurer position and find a flow for that department in order to keep LAOUT running long into the future.

Marketing & Outreach DirectorTyler Kotovsky

Tyler has been playing ultimate since his high school days in Pittsburgh. Organizing and helping run tournaments since 2005, he now designs websites, logos, & jerseys for tournaments, teams, & organizations around the country. When he’s not working on design projects, you can typically find him playing ultimate at the beach.

Volunteer DirectorChris Ludwig

Snatch has been playing some form of frisbee since he was a kid but his first ultimate tournament was in 8th grade. Since that moment, he has played every moment he could through college and especially in LA. His love of diving to the ground is realized best by playing ultimate and he will continue to do so as long as he can! When not playing ultimate, he works at the Natural History Museum and helps people learn about our world!

Events & Fundraising DirectorSonja Roden

Sonja has been “playing” Ultimate for about 16 years now and by “playing” we mean she shows up to games and plays with the puppies and babies while the rest of you actually play. She plans to spend her time on the board creating events that will help build a sense of community among players of all levels from beginners to elite. She hopes that LAOUT will be a place where everyone feels welcomed. “I mean, if y’all can put up with me you can deal with anyone.”


Field Director, Pickup LiaisonChuck Bender

Chuck is a multinational Ultimate player having competed throughout Europe for 7 years. Back in the good ol’ USA he continued his love of the game, conducting conversations with the City of Santa Monica, LA Parks, LAUSD and Culver City USD – championing for better fields than the dirt and rock common to many Los Angeles Ultimate games.  Further, Chuck’s 8 years of good relations with the Rangers at Will Rogers State Historic Park preserved the weekly Saturday Ultimate Pickup Game.

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