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I’m a little late with this recap from Friday’s Menudo vs Boyz II Men game, but it’s a ReedCap, so it’s worth the wait. Or rather, a ReidCap this time. I’ll let Captain David Reed explain.

Saturday June 25, 3:26am

Subject line: Sup Ariel, Reidcap, by David Reid for an heir of mystery
(For added clarity, my gmail icon is Ariel from The Little Mermaid, so it’s only mildly weird that he addresses me as my avatar but not entirely out of the blue.)

(Nay says I’m just trying to be cute by misspelling my name )

The game within the game started Thursday night

Setting ; on the couch drinking a beer and a fine crafted cocktail. By a mixologist (mixologist is in a iPhone autocomplete)

Nay is auditing this reedcap in real time.

Buster was playing head games Thursday (nay : don’t put that in there, it sounds mean, we like Buster. Don’t do that)

Buster is is all woe is me, low men, missing our top guys, take it easy on us.

But also can I get a ride to the fields?!?!?

Reid: sure thing cap! But you’re at our mercy for the bar, and have to drive drive us home.

Cut to,,, Friday afternoon : sham-less plug for my NoHo happy hour pickup game. We had a good time, surprise Judge , she played and also wanted carpool, so….

Party hybrid ride , gas prices, sweaty stinky car. Buster brought a cliff bar for me and promised not to beat our team.


any way,,,, show up low # for B2M (take that BTS , does BTS actually stand for anything?)

(Nay : hhhhhhhhmmmmm!???)

Don’t think so.

The game. Menudo goes up and takes half. Feeeling soupy!  Full roster killing it 80s style.

Boyz Ii men started the 1st half like:

And menudo felt invincible

(Nay: that’s not entirely true)

But then they threw the super secret Seth zone

(Nay : not a secret we all know Seth)

And they broke us , let us scored a few (nay: there was no letting) but then out of nowhere BTM was all like :

And holy shit we were rattled

(Nay: ya they made us work)

The marks were a bit aggressive and we had to have a chatty chat , but they were cool.

They got within one point after their men playing savage all game, and their damn solid strong women carrying the few the proud men,

And then Nay was like fuck this nothing matters have fun this is fun!!!! And proceeds score by pump faking every boy and Everyman

(Nay; no that’s sounds terrible I’m gonna get put on a list, no pumping boys or men…. Drunken laughter) … (nay;

that’s more nervous laughter)

Not gonna lie I was shook and saw this coming.  I’ve hear many a tales of summer league past of 6 v 7 teams triumphing. And have been very close to one myself. Winning a game savage in my first summer league,

Let’s wrap this up…

The game was close… closer than a June bug n a …. ( nay shaking her head in a disapproval)

,,, closer than a….. shaved boy bands… (nay, eww no, we can’t say of this it sounds terrible)

Ok the game was close

Then at 14-12 menudo on D with some of the momentum, pulled to Boyz , magic mic, sprinted down the pull, and in the very first throw. Tipped the toss, and then didn’t catch his D till he was sure that it would be a Callahan for the win.

(Nay : he did not do it do that intentionally, not a violation)

So we won!!! Soup!! Closer than we wanted, but we will take it.

Bar game was great, think menudo had the numbers to start, but BTM won on last man standing numbers. Which is what I count.

Seth and cubby regained us with tales of Christmas past. And we all glowingly absorbed their sounds….

(Nay : or like just say: enjoyed their tails….)

Ok sure thing.

Buster drove us home , thus creating a streak up us driving opposing captains to the game and then beating them and making them DD us home.

(Nay!!! Wait I DD’d US home last time, factually incorrect!!!)

We did not get gelato this time, but I highly recommend grabbing some ,


David A. Reid

(Dictated, not red, by Nayeli Saldana )


Sounds like even with low numbers, Boyz II Men really put up a good fight. If only Buster hadn’t agreed to let Menudo win just so she could get a ride….

(I know, I know, she didn’t really do that. But like, it’s in the writeup so it must be true! Right?)

I noticed we do have a lot of Friday night games this season, and I was wondering how that would impact attendance since Fridays have gotten a bad wrap for low numbers. Should be interesting to see how the rest of those games go.

Also, I just noticed that HBO has a 4 part documentary on Menudo. Has anyone seen it yet?

Also also, I would like to put in a special request for all ReedCaps to include Nay’s commentary because I think that was the best part.

Menudo remains undefeated at 3-0 and has another Friday coming up later this week. And it’s against the only other undefeated team, Backstreet Boys. I’ll be ready for that recap!

Boyz II Men (1-1-1) will face off against BTS (2-1)

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BTS vs Boyz II Men

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