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Jonas Bros


Where has the season gone?? The tournament is fast approaching and we have just a few weeks left of regular play. But more importantly, where have all the recaps gone?? Is this the end of an era?

Fortunately, we can always rely on David Reed of Menudo to provide some colorful commentary. Here’s his recap of their game against Jonas Bros.

Playing the majority of our games at the much smaller Belmar fields and then going back to Sepulveda is a little disorienting.

Playing as the pink team all season then finding out our jersey’s got mixed up and we are now neon yellow is a little disorienting.

Starting the game on a quick 5 point run thinking you’ll be at Robin Hood by 9pm only to have Brandon Severson show up, light a fire under his team, evaporate your lead, and then take half 8-7 is a little disorienting.

But we figured things out.

Jonas started out with just one guy sub and two ladies. Slowly they got up to a respectable number. Menudo had to call timeout get our heads on straight, game plan, and ramp up the intensity.

We came out of half on offense and got broken. Jonas had all kinds of momentum. Eventually fatigue wore them down though. Menudo was able to generate some turns, and work the breakside up for some pretty goals.

Jonas sisters torched us deep over and over until our women fine tuned the bracket (Avalon went down with a twisted ankle, slowing down their deep game) Megan and Nay were disrupting anything coming in.

With a bit of chill’n’grit we tied the game back up at 13’s on Eddie getting a massive run through D on Brandon. That felt like the inspiration needed to close it out.

Menudo wins 16-14!

(Jonas won the bar though)

Jonas Brothers and sisters played a helluva game, and had a roller coaster of ups and downs.

Clean game with very few contested calls. Definitely one for the books


Coming back from a 5pt deficit to take half is awesome work. Way to go Jonas Bros! And kudos to Menudo for not letting that shake their confidence and hanging on to win the game! Sounds like an exciting matchup!

Menudo is now 6-1 and match up against New Kids on the Block (4-2-1) on Friday.

Jonas Bros (3-4) will have their next game on Thursday against Jackson 5 (3-4).

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