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New Kids on the Block


We’re in the final week of regular league play already! In case you’ve felt like it went by too fast, here’s a recap from last week that I forgot to post. And it’s not just any recap, it’s another ReedCap complete with Nay commentary too! This one covers the Menudo vs New Kids on the Block game from Friday.

Subject Line: Menudo b. new kids in ze bloc
Time: 12:43am

Was up Little mermaid in a big pond,

(Nay; no start it again, lol)

(Then nay immediately started streaming the nanny on hbo)

Ok take 2 .m

Reedcap incoming from the couch (love sac, great value, true buy it for life purchase)

(Nay: ewww start again).

Okay take three…

Menudo won the bar but lost the game

(Incoming karaoke videos at a later date)

New kids on the blech 🤮 had their whole team tonight and it kinda felt Hooke cheating. Where all the subs????

Menudo was short handed, but apicy.

So we went down then we got up, Jesse banged with some old Al dude that played really well in Ireland and I watched him play like a boss, but his spirit was lacking

(Nay: David you can’t put that in there, no really don’t) m
(Nay: I can be mad in person, but ain’t it immortal used, I’m taking that phone away from you)

Aside from that a very spirited game. And pretty clean. But new kids took it 15 -13 on a hard fought night.

New kids showed up strong to the bar.

New spot. El Texate (22$ for a bucket of beer , Six beer) and aaaamazi g food. Great mole.

(Nay; Awww he looks so happy, watching Maxwell Sheffield in bed with the Nanny)

Ok so they had karaoke set up for us. Me mike and Riley just got to sing nothing but Weird Al songs all night. It was like a wet dream come true.

If your at the next Friday game there is free parking all along pico and the bar has a parking lot. It’s cash only, but waaaaaaau batter than tipsy chef.

Menudo had lower bar numbers but we closed it out with a Ricky Martin song. While new kids didn’t sing a single song of their band. They had soooo man my people too. Prettt embarrassed for them honestly.

I’m a bit shnickered now , but still able to type. Great margs at El Texate. Come out next Friday(cash only) the mens team needs subs. And the karaoke needs your voice.!!!!!

(Me: good? Nay: yah ! …okay…)

So new kids kinda won, but it felt like they cheated by not single a single karaoke song.

Magic mic drop !!!

Micropho 🎤

Time: 12:57am

Picking the mic back up to give my favorite player n LA Eok, a shout out for getting a D on Box and then scoring on him and being an all around baller. I’ve learned my lesson in this cat long ago, he’s got chump factor. It don’t sleep on Eok, he’s better than you. In every way, he was in jeopardy for Christ’s sake!!!

But also shout out to my whole team for fighting back against the pure distress nuance that was Eok NGO !!!!

We did all we could.

Dan P. Take a note

I kinda have to agree. New Kids on the Block didn’t sing ANY of their own songs at karaoke?? I mean come on! Even if you weren’t familiar with their songs before, you’ve had all season to learn at least one! What a waste of a Summer League theme. I feel like this is grounds to forfeit a first round bye for the tourney… but also I have no say in that matter.

Also, I will second Eok’s praises! And to clarify, Eok wasn’t in jeopardy. But he was a contestant on Jeopardy!

Also also, no videos were ever included from karaoke. I’ve been informed that they weren’t of a high enough quality to make the cut.

Menudo is now 6-2 and will play Jackson 5 (3-4) on Wednesday (tonight!).

New Kids on the Block (5-2-1) will play on Thursday night against NSYNC (2-6)

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