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Now onto Thursday night games. I am pleased to share that I was drafted onto team NSYNC presumably because I listed NSYNC as my favorite boy band. We had our first game on Thursday against Menudo, however I wasn’t able to make it so I was relying on my team to provide a recap. We got a couple groupme updates that we took half 8-6 but then lost 15-12. No gifs were provided.

Instead, I received my first Reedcap from the Menudo side of the field. For those of you not familiar with the infamous Reedcap, they are crafted by David Reed, written from the bar and/or any other secondary locations. This one came in the form of 3 separate emails. I’ll be sure to include the timestamps because I think that also helps add perspective.

Friday June 10, 1:57am
Subject line: Wassup Ariel – Reedcap incoming

Menudo The soup/ not the band won the game tonight, but more importantly we won the bar. 3-1 …respect for Kyle M, last band boy standing.

Robin Hood kicked. Us. Out. But not before some homey named Roberto could take a picture and buy us a beer

See attaché yes photo

The game was hot, but chilly. Neck and neck. N’sNYC is low key good but only really showed it when they wanted to. Hoover made us game plan. Lu made us run. Luigi made us get low. Some baller low lady in a skidmore  jersey slid spikes up like a baseball player from the 50s for ever low grab kept her teamnint he game. Don M emblem embarrassed me on the red line. Cotter old schooled our young college guy Dan on a deep shot (Dan got him back later tho) Alana was crushing it but humble as ever. Low #’s and not all strings attached , I don’t think we got their full POP.

Menudo on the other hand came in fulm force from far and wide. Im talking fellowship of the rings. South Bay. Pasadena, east side, west side, holiday innn. sFW. Marina del Lana del Reyes. Near and far wherever you are our disc shaped heart went on.

We played well, but N sync tools half 8-6 like Paul Mcarrtney’s band on a run.

Alas, Menudo was having too much fun to notice. College kids were having summer camp esq. reunions the old folks were reminiscing over ghosts of summer leagues past. It was a beautiful chaotic thing that all came together in a very sloppy (but beautiful) 8-3 run by menudo. Lots of late additions battled through traffic for each team to show up I. The 2nd half.

Super clean game maybe 0 foul calls? I called one on myself against Don to slow him down in the w red zone. Didn’t work he still burned me.

Menudo was def clicking. Eddie had big ups and smooth throws, Maggie was everywhere, everyplace, all at once. Box was chill as a Vermont winter (except when he wasn’t). I met a whole bunch of new young in/outta college players who just wow’d the hell out of everyone seeker, Meg, trix, snap, Jo, can all handle cut and play D, I’m truly in awe and don’t even know why I’m needed here. Jesse, pat ma’Holmes, mike, box and Ivan all got that easy East side connection going and even our new player Fos forced some turns and was seen rocking a lefty scooter!

What’s truly invigorating is our veteran ladies Drea and Nay holding down the fort on O and D   Nays got the turf burn to prove it (courtesy of my garbage swing)

All and all I’m just really happy that summer league is back after a three fucking awful year hiatus. Win or loose I just hope everyone has a great time and treats each other with respect and appreciates this beautiful game in this beautiful city we live in.

If you’re reading this and looking at the blood red google maps, take it from me, just get in that sanguinary river if asphalt, go throw the plastic, and have a beer with some new friends.

You never know when it’s all gonna be stripped away from you for two- three horrible years.

Welcome back summer league.


Friday June 10, 2:43am
Subject line: Follow up reedcap/cheer for NSynk. An ode to valley dive bars using only NSnync song titles

I’ll never stop

It makes me ill

I thought she knew

Tell me, tell me… Baby

Just don’t tell me that

I’ll be good for you

You Got It

No strings attached.

Friday June 10, 3:23am
Subject line: Oh and by the way

Our team is Menudo the hearty Mexican soup, not the boy band. We are soup.

I think the final score is as 15-12


I don’t even know how to respond other than, I feel so honored to have been on the receiving end of this Reedcap and I hope to see many more in the future!

Menudo has their next game on Friday against One Direction.

NSYNC will match up against Boyz II Men on Wednesday.

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