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New Kids on the Block


And here’s another Friday night recap. This one does actually cover the game between New Kids on the Block and BTS. Captain Jason Lee has the recap from the BTS side:

Friday night summer league!!! BTS matched up against New Kids on the Block but spoiler alert they weren’t new to the ultimate field!

BTS loses the flip. 0-2 this year on flips, but that’s okay because we are still smooth like butter!

Both teams had high energy and the music blasting! Possibly my favorite part of this years theme is that music is pretty much a must on the sidelines. Lots of singing and dancing!

Back to the game, New Kids came out hot and got a couple breaks to start the game, but BTS rallied and brought it back to serve. New Kids then finished the half strong and took half up 8-6.

2nd half BTS started out strong and brought it back to serve, but again New Kids wouldn’t crumble to our potential come back and would break us a couple times to go up for good and ended the game at 15-11 New Kids being victorious.

Some notable highlights!!!

Sean from BTS had a buttery huck to Avatar.

Charity from New Kids was a relentless deep threat for them. I think she caught at least 5 goals. 1 of which was with a defender flying by her. She was insane!!

Tyler from BTS had a slicing flick through the defense for a score that had zero margin for error

Chris from BTS had some visionary throws. It’s nice to be a lefty

Kinling on New kids seemed to always be open.

Zach and Cam were being there fast selves and catching goals

Dingo (who is a Sacramento Kings Fam. Let’s go Kings!!) had a really nice score after recognizing the poach

Special shout to Cheryl and Matt from BTS for coming out to support us even when they were injured!!

I definitely agree that this is a great Summer League theme with built in playlists for every game! And sounds like this was another fun game on both sides.

New Kids on the Block are now 1-0-1 and will play against Jonas Brothers (0-2) on Wednesday.

BTS (1-1) has their next game against NSYNC (0-2) also on Wednesday.

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