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Are you ready for some frisbee? A Monday night party??  Perhaps that means nothing to you. But when Greta started her recap with a NFL reference, that’s the first thing that came to mind. My cursory google search tells me that song came out in 1996. I watch maybe 2 football games a year, and I will never forget that song.

I remembered hearing about the XFL forever ago, and I thought it was long dead, but here Greta is talking about watching it in the airport. I did more googling, and yes, it was only around for 1 year in 2001. Either Greta is in a time-travel airport, or she really likes watching old football videos. Hard to say.

In case you’d rather read an Ultimate recap instead of reading my football ramblings, here’s Greta’s recap from TBD v.3. Warning: it starts with more football.

Monday night frisbee, we’re basically the NFL right? Has anyone watched the XFL cause it’s brutal. I watched for like 10 minutes at the airport and not a single pass was completed and a punt receiver let the ball bounce and then touched it, but didn’t actually recover it. HOT MESS.

This has nothing to do with our game. We played Ninja Squirtles. TBD arrived ready to warm up  – since Glendale is not lenient with the lights. Classic Nugget was 30 minutes late – why does she hate me?

Game starts with TBD on D – and we open with a break! *Insert Koolaid Man gif here*

I honestly can’t remember who even scored it or who threw it – it’s hard to remember when we don’t have our white board to keep track (cough Cory cough). Squirtles were a little low on numbers but I feel like that can sometimes work in your favor – you establish more of a rhythm when there’s less subbing – but then you get a little more tired. It worked out for the Squirts.

Tonight was the night of spicy throws and toeing the line. Alexa threw dimes to just about everyone. Rigby was the queen of the up line cut and toeing it in the endzone. Eddie had the spiciest IO that caught everyone off guard but ended up with us scoring. Kai was amazing on D. Megan, Papa, and Kevin crushed the Squirts zone. And Lu had some amazing lay outs and should probably try playing volleyball.

Honestly it was a really fun competitive game. Ya’ll should’ve come watch. We traded points all night, with TBD taking half. But classic TBD, giving up a lead after half (this is self-deprecating humor we still played amazingly). Squirts eventually went up by one. Then we would score. And then they would score. Eventually it was 15-15 and we’re playing to 17. Then Ninja Squirtles evolve into…BLASTOISE and scores. Then the lights go out. WOOF.

TBD-1, Lights-3

But seriously super fun game. My favorite part is every time I was covering Skipper, someone would just huck it and we’d jog up the field together – just getting our steps in ya know? <3 Can someone put Skipper and I on the same team eventually? We’re always foes.

Fun fact: Skipper was on my first-ever Summer League Team in 2012 – Green Dot, and we won the tourney. I had zero idea what was going on because it was the first time I ever played on grass, but man was that fun!

Also, I’m not sure if Greta thought I’d actually insert the Kool Aid Man GIF for her, or if that was just for comedic effect. I’m assuming the latter, but I almost did it anyway.

TBD is really tearing it up for their first season in A Division. They drop to 1-2-1, but all of their games have been so close.

And there goes Squirtles again evolving to take the game and bring their season up to 4-0.

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