RecapWinter 2022Ninja Squirtles vs TBD v.4

TBD v.4


Last Thursday, Ninja Squirtles faced off against TBD v4. Based on the score, it was a bit of a blowout, but the recap tells a slightly different story. Here’s Eric Brach’s take from the Squirtle side of the field:

Last night at Joxer Daly’s, TBD beat Ninja Squirtles 8-3 in a show of sheer dedication, through outstanding numbers and attendance.

Coupled by the 7-2 drubbing after the previous game, that puts TBD over Ninja Squirtles 15-5 in the season-long post-game beers — a tough blow for the Squirtles.

On the field, though, the score was different. TBD went up 2-1… and then, next thing everyone knew, Squirtles were up 12-2.  We’re not sure how it happened; every point *felt* close. It was just one of those games where things are breaking oddly. With a final score of 15-4 Squirtles, that’s a 4-4 tie (excepting that weird 11-point run in the middle), which is more indicative of how the gameplay felt than the final score.

Also, throughout the game, TBD showed outstanding spirit. Squirtles had only 3 women to start; then a 4th came, but Skipper went down with an injury, sending Squirtles back to a no-sub situation on the female-matching side. The whole time, TBD was very relaxed, allowing Squirtles to take their time between points, giving the female-matching players a rest.  A super thank you goes out to them, and to Rigby, Skipper, Janet, and Kai, who together played every point of the game. Dang.

And of course, hats off to TBD for absolutely crushing the post-game. We have so much to learn from them.

I’ve read through the third paragraph a few times and still can’t figure out where the 4-4 tie comes in. Anyone else? I do appreciate the bar-cap coverage though. Glad to see TBD still has it in them.

Ninja Squirtles are now 3-1 and will match up against Pocket Monsters (1-2) on Wednesday. Pocket Monsters are another Pokemon reference, right? Who’s writing the pokemon themed recap??

TBD v.4  are 0-4 and have their next game against Dumbledore’s Army (3-0-1) Tuesday.

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