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It’s week threeee, the second day of summer, and everyone is lined up at the gate to get into the hottest mashup in town: NSYNC and BTS. The gates were locked at Sepulveda Basin so all four teams are spread around waiting to get in. Finally at 7:54, the attendant comes by to open up and let us in.

Wednesday morning started off with thunder and rain, which led to a beautiful sunset as we were warming up on the fields. I’ve missed thunderstorms, so it’s always welcome in my book. Except on frisbee days. I was worried about storms sticking around and having to potentially cancel the games due to lightning. But of course, it’s LA and the weather never sticks around.

Instead, what I should have been worrying about was the bugs. Apparently the morning rain woke up a bugpocalypse. Because OMG it was like we had a third team on the field. It was hard to just stand still on the sideline without having bugs.

Aside from the bugs, the game was really fun. We started off with a Captain Hoover of NSYNC and Captain Avatar of BTS bringing both teams together for a much appreciated group demo of cutting angles and defensive positioning. I think that helped set the tone for the rest of the game because we had great energy from both sides and plenty of laughs to go around. Plus an excessive amount of hammers in the first half across both teams. I think there were at least 4 thrown for scores.

NSYNC was flying high and took half 8-6. But BTS was preparing for their encore and tied it up at 8s. We traded points and were tied again at 11s. And that’s when BTS brought in the dynamite and finished the game 15-11.

Afterwards, everyone celebrated at Robinhood over beers and spicy fries. And all teams finally had some peace without all the bugs buzzing around our faces.

BTS is now 2-1 and will match up against Boyz II Men (1-0-1) on Wednesday.

NSYNC is now 0-3 and has their next game on Friday against Jonas Bros (0-3). Someone is getting their first win next week!

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