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One Direction


We have quite a few Friday night games in Santa Monica this season, so David Reed of Menudo did some scouting and found us a new West side bar. In case you also have a Friday night game coming up, here’s Reed’s recap of the Tipsy Chef.

Well it’s 4 in the morning…

…the drunks are safely tucked away dreaming of sugar plum faeries, me enjoying a bewitching stew and watching Frasier (the pinnacle of the 3 camera sitcom)

The night was a TRIUMPH!!

“The Tipsy Chef” is officially the new Santa Monica Friday bar. It’s basically a frisbee party bar that just doesn’t know it yet. I strongly urge fall beach league to inquire for party purposes.

Pertinent info:

Large front patio area.

Under 21 allowed at  tables inside or out as long as they don’t sit at the inside bar)

Dog friendly (inside the bar as well as patio)

Free parking after 10pm on the metered spots and in the lot across the street, another free lot two blocks south (and a $6 lot directly adjacent to bar, no NOT park in the neighborhoods)

Strong drinks, great craft beer options. (Prices comparable to Joxers, they may have given our group a slight discount)

Amenable kitchen, will stay open till 11 for us.

Quiet open concept patio outside, banging DJ inside with an optional dance floor (owner said that we could bring/book our own DJ if we give notice)

0.5 miles from the fields

REAAAAALLLY good gelato/espresso spot directly across the street open till 11:00 or 11:30

The Tipsy Chef reserved the patio for us, I can call ahead to make sure each Friday. Frankie, the owner, is a mensch and loved us.

They officially make last call at midnight, but they said the real hard cut off is 12:45

All in (and?) all, great spot, checks all the boxes, we’ll be there again next week. Come on out, even if you don’t have a game! Lu Wang may even be there to give you his personal rankings on the hotness of men from the diverse regions/nations of Asia


Frisbee game recap Menudo 15 – One Direction 9

(Note for Christi: photoshop out that awful picture for for something dashing from 2015 when I had a full head of hair.)

As I was reading this, I immediately thought that 4am was a terrible time to be awake. And then I watched that Ted Talk that he linked to in the beginning (I recommend it at 1.5x playback speed), and I still think that 4am is a terrible time to be awake. But also, apparently there’s a lot more to 4am than I thought.

Glad to hear that the Tipsy Chef is working out! And, Reed asked for some extra photo shopping, so I delivered. I never guaranteed the quality of my work though, so you get what you paid for. And to be clear, I do not get paid to do this.

Menudo (2-0) has another Friday night game this week against Boyz II Men (1-0-1).

One Direction (1-1) will match up with Backstreet Boys (2-0) on Thursday.

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