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I’ve played quite a few pick-up games around the city, but Sunday Pickup Ultimate, as we are known on Facebook, is not just a game, I think of it as family. I feel sad when I miss it and excited to come back to it after traveling. It is both casual and competitive – casual in attitude, competitive in play. We are here to play ultimate, have fun while doing it, and cheer each other on.

Located on the grass field at Lindberg Park, we play every Sunday. No poll needed. The game officially starts at 10am, but there is often someone there at 9:30 to work on their throws or just help teach any newcomers the sport. The folks who come out, come out smiling. Sure, they might have a hangover from the night before, but they know this is the game to work it off. We try to focus on keeping healthy, long term, so we truly try not to hurt each other. Spirit of the game is the spirit of our game.

We accept all genders and levels of play. Beginners are encouraged to return every Sunday and get good over time, like so many strong players in our game have done, over many years. From the captain of the Aviators to high schoolers to football crossovers to former track stars (ok stars might be pushing it) to club players of all ages, many have graced our field and hucked it long or caught that wobbly hammer. And they’ve all wondered, why the heck we play red vs blue.

Like most families, we have our traditions. One of the quirks I love about this game, and what keeps it original, is that about 16 years ago, when the game started out at the high school, someone had brought red and blue pinnies to help distinguish teams. We’ve kept it that way ever since. What other game can you play that has been around long enough for a tradition to form and stick? We even still supply the pinnies for those who forget to bring their red or blue.

So come out one Sunday, bring your cleats and water, your red and blue, and join our family. You’ll be welcomed with a smile, a break-side throw, and immense cheers after your amazing lay-out D. Who knows, there may even be popsicles after the game. It has been known to happen.

Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/109928414350/

– Robbie Connie

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  • JediWallace

    June 6, 2019 at 10:52 am

    Everything here is true!! The Spirit of the Game is strong at the pick up! We also usually make rousing Facebook posts Sunday am/ Saturday pm about the game. We try to be witty- sometimes it works! Can’t believe this game has gone on for 16 years! I won’t forget to bring the pinnies then(!!) Its a chosen family affair! All genders, all ethnicities, all levels of play are welcome! Come thru!


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