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Plenty of Boba in the Tea


Okay, here come the last few recaps of the season. I’m currently sitting in LAX waiting for a flight, wallowing in my thoughts that I’ll be missing the tourney. As Maria Duke would say, I’m going to “New York City” because a good “college friend” is getting “married.” (Am I doing it right?)

Anywhoo, Tuesday night was the final game for Plenty of Boba in the Tea and BGF. I had the pleasure to play against both teams this season, and they were both some of the best spirited games we had. Here’s Chain’s recap from the Boba side.

Last game of the season, went by so fast. It’s been a fun one for sure. To end it all, I thought I would dedicate this recap to one of my favorite actors, Nicolas Cage. I know people think he’s crazy and is in a bunch of bad movies which is true but you got to admit, even in bad movies he makes it entertaining. I also think he is legitimately a great actor (Leaving Las Vegas anyone?) but also a bit out of his mind. But who of us is truly sane anyway? This recap is going to be using some of the best Nic Cage quotes to describe our game with BGF, who are a great fun team to play. (Disclaimer, some of these quotes may have swear words in them which I will censor. It’s not that I’m a prude but I do not wish to offend anyone with crude language. I am always reticent to curse, maybe it’s because my mom made me eat soap when I was young when I cursed…I don’t know anyway enjoy).

Before I get into it, Tournament on Saturday and it looks rough for Boba ladies. We have like 2.5 confirmed for the tourney so are scrounging around desperately. So if anyone knows anyone let us know. We do not want to treat our women like that (Con Air).

BGF was ready to go until the break of dawn baby (Bad Lieutenant). Boba and BGF said Sup, sup, sup, sup, sup (Bad Lieutenant) to each other to start things off. Boba was missing Kodomo who lost his hand, lost his bride (Moonstruck) to injury. He was no monument to justice. Boba captain Alex strained his back snowboarding it was like being dragged on the sidewalk and beaten till he pissed blood (Matchstick Men).  8:30 rolls around so Sonja on BGF says  “Let’s ride!” (Gone in 60 seconds).

Game starts BGF scores early and Boba is like I came here to drink myself to death (Leaving Las Vegas, as Merlin brought beers for the team). Boba then went on a roll with Merlin playing lights out. Merlin was like you wanna know magic (Sorcerer’s Apprentice) as he threw assists, scores, had a money shot and even a Callahan: This is the Merlin Circle. It focuses your energy, helps you master new spells (Also Sorcerer’s Apprentice). It was like he took his face off (Face/Off)  and revealed a good ultimate player (sorry Merlin). But he was a one man genocide (Lord of War).

Boba took half about 8-3. Boba thought we had a straight flush which is like…unbeatable (Honeymoon in Vegas). Our ladies, although short in number, were on fire. Sara and Skittles were getting scores everywhere. Sara and Skittles were our prom queens (The Rock). I personally threw some errant passes causing me to scream internally, not the bees they are in my eyes! (Wicker Man). BGF scored two points saying they were going to steal the declaration of independence (National Treasure). Boba then put the pressure on and put the bunny back in the box (Con Air). Boba wins 15-5 I think.

The bar was busy with teams ending the season. We could all eat a peach for hours (Face/Off). Anyway I don’t know if this makes any sense but I had fun.

Great game to all and to BGF who are such a fun spirited team. They are one of the most lovable friendliest teams out there and we hope to keep seeing them! I’m up late so.

I’m a vampire (Vampire’s Kiss).


I honestly don’t know how Chain was able to come up with that many Nick Cage quotes for this. The only one I could think of before I read the full thing was Let’s Ride, from Gone in 60 seconds, a classic.

Definitely lucked out with Merlin and the Sorcerer’s Apprentice references too. Loved it!

Oh, and Chain finally provided the pic of their new jerseys which you’ll all get to see on Saturday:

Plenty of Boba in the Tea ends the season 4-2. On Ultimate Central, that puts them in 4th place on the B Division standings. I’m not entirely sure if Dan will be using those exact rankings or if he has another method. Looks like UC is based on Power Rankings and not win/loss record, so idk. I’ll let Dan handle that part.

BGF finishes their first LAOUT Winter League season 0-6, but everyone had so much fun having them around. I hope they come back next season!

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