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Plenty of Boba in the Tea


Last night, Plenty of Boba in the Tea faced off against KAPOW! in week 5 of Winter League. Both teams have avid recappers, so we have recaps from both sides of the field today. (Don’t worry, I read ahead this time. These ones are thorough.)

We’ll start off with another musically themed recap from Chain that includes a contemplative look at the societal pressures of gender conformity.

After spending time in the bar with mostly Rooks, I want to dedicate this recap to wind instruments. In middle school through high school, I played the flute. At the time, I did not realize that flute was apparently girly or feminine which in hindsight is strange. All the girls played the flute. Why are instruments gendered? Why are flutes less masculine than a tuba or trombone? Is it just size? Anyway, I was super concerned at the time about appearing “gay” (It didn’t help that I wore a matching purity ring with a close male friend in high school haha) and so I switched to play saxophone. I liked it but I was getting pretty good at flute and perhaps I could have done something with that regretfully. All because I was insecure about sexuality and my appearance as a straight male. Stupid boy.

Anyway on to the game with KAPOW!. KAPOW! is a great team to play with. They are organized and wear bright colored orange shirts. They train and teach their players and try to improve their skill sets every year. They are a wind ensemble playing at classical concerts, everyone learning and playing in a system. You can’t go wrong with that.

There was some issue figuring out lighting and field space but as every conductor says, “the show must go on,” and so we did. If KAPOW! is a fine tuned wind ensemble then Boba is an avant-garde improvisational jazz ensemble consisting of recorders, oboes, clarinets, and one sexy sax. We just play what we feel and with who we feel (we had three ladies who were roughing it, savage all game. Special thanks to Megan’s friend Socks) man, and that is kind of how the game went. Boba took an early lead and tried to impose our sound on the performance but KAPOW! keeps it tight with some impeccable interplay between the brass sections (deep huckers) and their reed sections (their quick cutters). But what’s that, it’s the sound of shrill discordant notes (wild throws both unsuccessful and successful by Boba) bleeding the ears of listeners for miles. Great success! KAPOW! comes back marching, John Philip Sousa style, back into contention. Boba scrapes by at half 8-7.

It is half time and there is not much time left. Time for Boba to open up the big guns and let the recorders work their magic up the field. We start feeling that groove baby and our performances start to gel. KAPOW! keeps up with more impressive play finding ways to counter our chaotic sounds with clear distinct melodies that pleases the listeners. It is a one point game, Boba needs to find a sound that will break them into the astral plane. The last three points were a beauty for Boba. Recorders (handlers) hitting those staccato notes perfectly, moving the beat (Disc) side to side. Oboes and clarinets (cutters) slashing through with clear movement that defines the piece. And the sexy sax (star of the point) taking us home with that sweet Kenny G sound that gets everyone going. Boba wins the audience in a close one 15-12.

In all seriousness, it was a fun game. KAPOW! played hard and gave us a big scare. They are a spirited bunch and a blast to play with. Boba needed a big win and we were able to get it. Sometimes we are Jethro Tull killing it on the flute at an arena with flowing locks and sometimes we are just a spaced out person blasting away on a kazoo at 3 am but consistently fun which is what winter league is all about.

Well there you have it. I’ve gotta say, themed recaps are the best! Equating the Boba team’s playing style to avant-garde jazz ensemble seems quite fitting. My only qualm with this recap is that we’re still missing a photo of Boba’s new jerseys. I specifically remember asking Chain to include a picture with this recap, and he failed. If the recap itself wasn’t so beautiful, I would be more upset. But how can you be mad when he refers to his team as “…a spaced out person blasting away on a kazoo at 3 am?”

Now, for the other side of the field, we have Lance, captain of team KAPOW!

Ah yes, Sepulveda Basin Sports Complex. How we love to show up and see the fog roll in. There’s always a mystical light…

Wait, what do you mean we’re at Balboa Sports Center? Grass field, uneven, holes…? hm,.. ok…

AH YES, BALBOA SPORTS CENTER!!! Where champion teams of the past were made, and beer bracket teams of the past learned or lost their chemistry. For those of you who are fairly new to the LAOUT, we haven’t always played on turf fields. No, no. We use to play just three-quarters of a mile south of where the sports complex is at the sports center, between the softball diamonds. This is also where the gophers run rampant, digging holes that can kill anyone. Or at least, give some pretty bad injuries. As a team, we are somewhat use to playing on uneven fields with our Sunday pickup games at Valencia Valley Elementary. Several of us have lost momentum stepping into dips in the ground while running full speed, losing enough of that energy to even LAOUT for the disc. However, despite everyone’s best efforts, Balboa’s terrain has a habit of humbling even the best of players.

Luckily there were no injuries or rolled ankles on the field. What was on the field were 2 former KAPOWERS that came to cheer us on: Mark Baker and Jay Newman! Shout out to them, and all of the former players who have played at Balboa in previous years.

Tuesday night started with all teams arriving at a pretty full park. 8PM rolled around and the fields started to clear. The lights also started to clear – all but one set. We had taken our time to scout the field to determine the best place to set the field, moving twice to avoid the worst of craters. It wasn’t until about 8:40 when we had the second set of lights were back on, and play started between the Tasty Taiwanese Treaters and the Comic Book Exclaimers, the former receiving the first pull. Both teams were lacking on their women due to ladies being out of town or injured, and the one sub that showed up, Jeni Kwok from After Party, joined our side of the comic strip. So before we go any further, we want to tip our hats off for Boba ladies going savage.

Mad props goes out to whoever did not order the wind this week, by the way. After Thai Tea threw the disc away and 8 passes, I brought in the first goal of the game. Maybe they really needed some Coffee Tea, and someone may have delivered it, because they won the second point, tied us at 2’s, and then started their run after breaking the seal open, 3-2 them.

Josh to Jeni tied it at 3’s.

The Tea Party capitalized on a dropped disc to score their 4th, played long and hard for their 5th, and took another turnover to brew their 6th score.

Us Caped found a way to water down the sweetness, Crusaders Meg to Jeni scored our 4th. Josh blocked a punch, leading the disc to find its way to Matt to Andrew for our 5th. And Sasha slashed the defense go get Josh the goal, tying the game at 6’s.

If you were looking for a reason to always  “catch your d’s”, talk to Meg. She saved our hides with an amazing catch off of a defenders tip, allowing Andrew to score. We had the score tied at 7’s, but the Tea Break happened at 8-7, and Tea Time lasted until at 10-7.

The second half was way less eventful. Tea set the disc on a Tray right after a pull, setup in the end zone, and scored, giving the Teacups a 2 point lead at 11-9. Heatherlyn almost had back-to-back goals. I pulled in our 12th and final point of the night via an interception on the home side, passing the disc to Matt Lawrence, and then receiving the very next pass on the far away side of the end zone for bookends.

The next 3 points flew by before all 27 pieces of Boba were consumed. There were definitely plenty of Boba in the Tea, and our opponents ended up with 3 more Boba than we did. Even though there were a few close line calls and minor fouls, Boba is a fun and high spirited team to play with and against. Not including their sweet uniforms, they’re different than we remember from last year. We’re glad that they stayed around. Thanks for the great game, we’re looking forward to the next time we play.

On a side note, bookends are never possible without teamwork. It may take persistence and practice over years of playing to figure out the best defensive positions to cause turnovers, especially ones that lead to goals. However, bookends are not a solo act, as they require you to rely on your teammates to complete the transaction. Oftentimes, we take a look at the person who got the interception or knocked down the disc and score the point, and we don’t give enough credit to those who throw the assist, or who helped to move the disc down the field. Bookend assist wise, thanks needs to go to Billy, Bobby, and Matt Lawrence who has made bookends possible for Josh and Myself so far this season.

Teamwork also includes contributions of advice from other players. Sasha is one of the three women KAPOW! picked up this year We appreciate the experience and knowledge that she is sharing with the team. The small adjustments are making big differences!

Quite a thorough recap from KAPOW! (As if you would expect anything less). Sorry to hear both teams were low on ladies! We had lots of subs on the field over, and may have been able to lend a player or two if needed, but sounds like they all hung in there and got the game done.

With that game, KAPOW! is now 2-3 and will play BGF next week (0-4).

Plenty of Boba in the Tea rises to 3-2 and has a bye next week. Their last game will be on 3/3 also against BGF.

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