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Plenty of Boba in the Tea
Pasadena Sea Pandas


PSA – I forgot to mention in yesterday’s recaps, but the bartender at Joxer’s mentioned that they’ll be closed this coming Monday. Not sure why. Just letting everyone know.

Okay. Back to the recaps.

Tuesday night at Rancho, Plenty of Boba in the Tea matched up against Pasadena Sea Pandas. Unfortunately, nobody has entered the score into ultimate central, and Chain didn’t remember the score in his recap.

Captains! Put your scores in!

Here’s another thoughtful recap from Chain of the Boba team.

I was lying in bed tossing and turning Monday, my thoughts turning dark as I pondered life’s mysteries. I try to relax before bed but when the lights go out I’m often left to my own thoughts and they can consume me. Anyway it was one of those nights of pondering and I heard the sound of a harsh wind blowing against my house rattling the roof. The tempest, building in a cacophony of sound, was an eerie reflection of my mood. But then a thought shook me and troubled me more…would this gale and howling wind trouble us Tuesday night when we play the Pasadena sea pandas? I spent some more minutes tossing and turning reflecting on last week’s game, that was full of errors on my part, before falling into slumber with strange dreams that I care not to recall.

Tuesday came and the gale seemed to have died down. Game was on without the trouble of wind. Pasadena Sea Pandas was short on people so they brought in Daryl and Zach from Rooks for round two. (I hear a lot of their players are from Caltech and had midterms and were studying so they missed the game). We were short on ladies and it looked savage but Radka, the Panda’s awesome captain, offered our ladies a sub which turned out to be Maria Duke which was pretty Rad of Radka.

I don’t honestly remember much from the game. Boba continued playing strong and smart which put us in the lead. It was a fun spirited game with a fun spirited bunch. The Pandas played with a lot of heart despite being low in numbers. I mean who can hate a Panda, right? I remember Megan from Boba and Radka from Panda getting some nice D’s, Daryl had some sweet throws as usual (Daryl always shows me a lot of love and he’s such an awesome player who taught me a lot as my captain for gridlock. He says he’s retired and old but he keeps coming out which is cool because I don’t think he’s too old), and Chicago attempted a signature no look throw that promptly flew out of bounds in the endzone away from our receiver. Boba ended up victorious but I don’t remember the score.  All in all a very nice game with some nice people.

After the game we headed to Joxers for some bonding. Merlin always tells great stories. I think it is definitely an art. I am not usually super comfortable talking about myself so my delivery when telling stories is lacking to say the least. I just want to recognize people who have this talent. Seth, who was at Joxers, also has this talent and always has an interesting tale or two to share. We also had a discussion about why Hinge is one of the better dating apps. I have a love hate relationship with dating apps. As a quiet reserved person, it definitely helps me initiate conversation without the anxiety and dread of a face to face rejection, but the rules of engagement aren’t explicitly clear either. I always feel like I’m breaking some faux pas or rule in the online game that I haven’t been made privy to. I think the fear is partially what makes it exciting too I guess, I don’t know what I’m rambling about. Anyway the good times were rolling and bonds were made. Good game Sea Pandas, good luck with midterms.

Oh midterms. Can’t say I miss those. Sometimes I think about going back to school for something new, and then I remember I’m still paying for the first time around. Last week, Daryl was complaining about having to write his thesis. I’m sure it’s for something smart and complicated. My undergrad thesis was a short movie based on a cross-country road trip I took where I fought with my friend the whole way. Good times. (I’m working from home today because i’m a little sick, and now I’m rambling on like Jeni’s recap from Monday…)

Pasadena Sea Pandas goes on to play Skylife next week. And Plenty of Boba will match up against After Party.

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