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Plenty of Boba in the Tea
Whiskey Discs


And now, onto our final recap of the evening. This one brings with it another reminder that we’re approaching the end of the Winter League season as Chain mentioned this will be his last recap as he’ll be unable to attend Boba’s last game. Granted, missing a game hasn’t stopped some other diligent recappers (Seth), but, I mean, I guess I get it.

Anyway, back to the game at hand. Here’s the Plenty of Boba in the Tea vs Whiskey Disc recap for your perusal.

The Ides of March. Always a dangerous time.

Boba had been rolling like Caesar into Rome; victorious.

But we were facing a formidable foe in Whiskey Discs in the hills of Glendale. Would we meet our doom like Caesar, betrayed by the game we love dear?

Whiskey Discs took first blood and scored by firing a volley over our heads into their lightning fast cutters.

They displayed athleticism and it was as if they wore the winged shoe of Mercury himself.

Every time Boba’s stout warriors dealt a blow, Whiskey’s sharpshooters hit us where we were most vulnerable; our flanks and sent us in retreat.

Boba made adjustments and we built up our shield wall (namely Ryan, our young Hercules blocking the deep spaces and our ladies’ ferocity underneath, the she-wolves of the Boba Empire).

Boba was able to pull off another win, a Boba Empire is rising.

All kidding aside, it was a really fun game. Whiskey Discs played hard, they ran us hard, and had some great plays. I hope the injury was not serious and pray my dude on Whiskey recovers well.  They threw their bodies on the line and were down to a handful of men at a certain point.

They were the 300 Spartans holding off the Persian hordes at Thermopylae

(does that make me the god-king Xerxes? I’ll let others decide).

Shout out to all of Boba, Alex coming through with key adjustments to change our fortunes in the game, Anna for absolutely ripping the disc, and both Mikes for getting us out of our bad spells. I’m excited to see how all the teams fare for the tournament. I am proud of our team for fighting every game, despite some sloppiness to never put our heads down. If the world ends in a nuclear apocalypse, I’m happy to have known good people through friz.

Once again, another stellar, gif-packed recap! And I appreciated how Chain’s gave us a solid tribute to Whiskey Discs and was still able to turn it into him becoming a god. That’s some recapping talent right there!

Plenty of Boba in the Tea is now 5-2. They’re tied score-wise for second place with Deez Nauts, but the power rankings put them in the 3rd place spot. Boba will have their last game against Rooks (1-5) on Monday.

Whiskey Discs (1-6) will play their last game against Animal Style (4-3) on Tuesday.

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