RecapWinter 2022Plenty of Boba in the Tea vs Winter League Tournament

Plenty of Boba in the Tea
B Division Tournament


But wait! There’s more! This past Saturday was the B Division Winter League Tournament, and of course we have a recap from Plenty of Boba in the Tea. They were coming in hot off their last game against Rooks and ready to break seed. Here are… some… of the details from Chain.

Tournament day. Blue skies, time to play. We show up and trickle in, but Whiskey discs (our opponent) only has one dude.

Calamity. We agreed to wait and we ran some drills in the meantime. Yay captain stuff! They eventually show up and we play. I honestly have no memory of the game, except for one of their dudes bodying our lady Megan. Ouch.

We win and I do remember having to run to the bathroom afterwards.

We played Animal Style next. We decided to be generous and give them a four point lead.

I called a timeout and we decided to play better after that. The rest of the game we traded points. It was hard to deny Animal Style’s sexy guys and gals

They threw some stuff, they played smart, and we lost by four points. After losing, we knew what time it was. Beer o’clock and I immediately cracked a claw.

We had a game for 5th place against Retro which was super fun, beers were out but people actually ran stuff. It was a fun and competitive game with lots of zones played. I had a beer or drink in hand all game. Alex told us we had to take shots if he got a layout D, he did not, but we did the shots anyway.

I think I’m on my fifth drink at this point. We eventually made our way to watch the final and honestly, I have no idea what was going on in the final.

I put on some jean shorts and wandered around drinking.

Eventually we were at the bar, got to spend some time with my team and had some fun. Jason, of After Party, asked me to fill his bottle with water and I had a hard time getting the water into the hole, the water was spilling everywhere.

I had some more drinks and when I got home, my roommate wanted to grab some more drinks. So I guess I had a fun day, got to spend time with teammates and winter league peoples. Not too shabby. Thanks everyone for a fantastic tournament, I love you all.

The tournament was lovely. The weather was lovely. The teams were lovely. The party was lovely. It really was a fun tournament to cap off the first season back after our pandemic hiatus. Deez Nauts were able to come through to win finals in their 4th game of the day against After Party. Maybe After Party shouldn’t have fought so hard for that double bye??

Tonight is the start of the A Division tournament that will be spread out over the course of the week across multiple fields. And of course, it’s raining. Hopefully they were able to stay dry in Glendale. Maybe we’ll get some more recaps for these last few games too!

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