RecapSummer 2018Results of the Replacement Draft

Here’s all the players taken in the Summer League Replacement Draft, and who they are replacing:


Blue’s Clues

Brianna Harris replaces Megan Timmerman
Zach Sternberger replaces Chris Holmes

Cheshire Cat

Jeni Kwok replaces Joanna Whitney
Joanna Leung replaces Eveline Junaedy (this replacement preceded the mid-season deadline for replacement players, and so she was made a permanent replacement on the team, and was not drafted)


Evan Valdés replaces Russell Gaskamp (happened after the draft)

Felix the Cat

Alyssa Perez replaces Malia Smith
Audree Hsu replaces Nay Saldana
Joyce Chen replaces Gabe Sjoberg
Konrad Antoniuk replaces David Reed
Duncan Brin replaces Max Schein


Ryan Mannix replaces Eric Siegel (happened after the draft)

Hello Kitty

Connie Chan replaces Amy Halvorsen
Veronica Yee replaces Karen Chu (this replacement preceded the mid-season deadline for replacement players, and so she was made a permanent replacement on the team, and was not drafted)
Julia Forgie replaces Sarah Adams
Luke Hart-Moynihan replaces Tyler Olander


Sean Chapel replaces Colin Whitman
John Potok replaces Cedar Connor

Nyan Cat

Laura Wheeler replaces Sherry Jung
Bev Barnum replaces Candy Zhang

Puss N Boots

Maggie Griffin replaces Enway Hsu
Erin Childs replaces Linda Venema
Taylor Murrell replaces Rona Sheen
Kendall Howes replaces Marlee Akerson
Joanna Matibag replaces Rachel Litz (happened after the draft)
Andy Dunn replaces Evan Soskin


Joy Kang replaces Sherry Zhang
Lynette Nguyen replaces Karla Rosario
Alex Sobel replaces Kyle Stewart
Drew Huigens replaces Chris Caban

Scooby Doo

Noriko Yamaguchi replaces Megan Prazenica (happened after the draft)


Katie Killebrew replaces Remy Schor
Jenny Norris replaces Cheryl Prideaux


Lexy Roy replaces Alexa Cohen
Emily Ash replaces Sam Kelley
Arista Hennessey replaces Kellie Harunk
Dan Oettinger replaces Matt Theologidy
Steve Wick replaces Armand DeBose
Lance Larson replaces Johnson Thomasson


Brian Griffin
Princess Unikitty


  • Seth Gillum

    August 4, 2018 at 1:04 pm

    Replacing players is always a hard job to do and get right. And this years system seems like the fairest on paper that one could have when proposed at the beginning of the year.

    But it’s worth thinking about for the future that Killebrew/Norris baggage would be a likely first overall women pick, and on the men’s side Dot/Wick baggage would probably be first overall as well. And they never would have been able to be picked by the same team if they were unbaggaged. I’m not sure how it would be ideally adjusted in the future. Perhaps if you get a high first pick, your second round comes later?

    That said, I’m excited to see Killebrew/Norris, Dot/Wick and all the subs joining summer league! Thanks for signing up!


  • Steph Hicks

    August 4, 2018 at 3:28 pm

    With regards to Dot/Wick getting taken by Underdog — I picked last in every round, but lucked out that I was the only team needing a round 1 guy. Frankly, I’m surprised I got Wick. Puss N’Boots had a chance for him, I picked after them, but they took Andy Dunn, opting for the Andy/Maggie chemistry.

    With regards to the ladies, I would also add that the Dory/Avatar baggage would go extremely high. But it was a season of having to play tough, high-level lady combos — Enway/Skipper, Sully/Radish, AmyH/Avatar. The system is definitely not perfect, but we all had a fun night out. David Reed SLAYED some kareoke, and most important, I’m really glad all the teams ended up with six ladies (miracle!). Can’t wait to see how everyone plays together!


  • Lish

    August 4, 2018 at 10:21 pm

    Steph’s team started with Matt/Armone as their 1-2. Dot/Wick isn’t much different. This was possible because of other captains’ drafting choices. It’s feasible they would’ve been on the same team during the regular draft.


  • Justin

    August 8, 2018 at 7:26 pm

    How did Charlie not get drafted?!


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