Summer 2019UncategorizedResults of the Tournament Replacement Draft

Here’s all the players taken in the Summer League Tournament Replacement Draft, and who they are replacing.  This also shows the order the teams drafted in, which was based on record as of Friday morning, August 2:


House Stark

Veronica Yee replaces Felicia Yang
Lilly Schreiner replaces Megan Timmerman
Chris Mazur replaces Alex Carey
Frankie Rho replaces Ted Lannert
Nico Marino replaces Ian Peterson


House Martell

Joy Kim replaces Lisa Caine
Danielle DiRaddo replaces Rachel Litz
Spencer Goldman replaces Jordan McCormack


House Tyrell

Connor Cusi replaces Patrick Miller


House Arryn

Bryan Cloutier replaces Ben Ma


House Targaryen

Junquin Zhu replaces Lauren Eng
Jeff Landesman replaces David Nauta


House Mormont

Emily Ash replaces Ellen Park
Drea Rosas replaces Helen Yuan


House Greyjoy

House Greyjoy makes no replacements.


House Baratheon

Dylan Patton replaces Brandon Nadres
Don Macatangay replaces Devin Miller


House Lannister

Erika Ye replaces Nora Fujita-Yuhas
Joanna Hao replaces Lily Tran


House Tarth

Alana Archer replaces Alexa Cohen
Joyce Chen replaces Stephanie Hubli


House Tully

Luke Hart-Moynihan replaces Jackson Dolan




Miguel Hector replaces Mike Dow
James Byrne repleaces Steve Loh


Faith Militant

Joe Forbes replaces Dylan Greenleaf
Lean Deriada replaces Stephen Nachreiner


White Walkers

Leeor Plafkin replaces Rhett Nichols
Joshua Jacobs replaces Daniel Chung



Brendan Marshall replaces Thomas Anderson
Evan Baker replaces Marcus Gallagher-Jones


Night’s Watch

Alex Sobel replaces Alex Julian
Stephen Plesko replaces Alex Chung



James Chianglin replaces Brad Ross
Sam Hajduk replaces Michael Cotter
Ty Nafziger replaces Kevin Gibson Weinberger


Children of the Forest

Children of the Forest makes no replacements.

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