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When I first started reading this recap from Mike Bell of RETRO, I thought, hmm that’s weird that it was windy. The weather was calm and perfect down at Culver last night. I guess the Valley is just a temperamental beast. And then I kept reading and realized I was duped. In my defense, there have been a lot of windy games this season, so it felt like a fitting start.

The Winter League B Division has an odd number of teams, and some teams are getting bye rounds. RETRO had bye this week, but instead of staying home, they decided to hit up Robin Hood for a night out.

It was a windy night, but everyone came out ready to play.  The first half Retro started out strong as we … oh wait.  We didn’t play tonight.  This is our BYE week … so instead of going out to the field and cleating up and getting tired and sweaty and going to the Robin Hood … we went straight to the Robin Hood.  Except this week we got there at 7:45 and everyone was fresh and clean.

Eleven players gathered in the little used dining room, where we engaged in food, drink and good conversation, discussing such wide ranging topics as winter league past and future and our continued romance with Marshall as they ostensibly play out the last year of their contract.

We learned that our new teammate David lives on a boat in the marina and can take it out sailing any time he wants, and we selfishly expounded on the new possibilities this opened up for all of us.   We talked about a potential ten-year Retro party in Vegas and how much it might cost to rent a party bus to get there.  We entertained the possibility that Drea could get married, pregnant, and divorced in one night, thereby saving herself years of relationship drama.  We learned about Brooking’s podcast celebrating solutions to plastic pollution and encourage you to subscribe at “The Indisposable Podcast.”

We discovered that some of our new players had never had an Irish car bomb and we ordered a round and opined on the history of the car bomb at least as it relates to Winter League ultimate.

We asked our waitress why the music in the dining room sounded like we were in a spa about to get a massage, and she replied that nobody that worked there knew how to turn it off.

Then, at 10:30 as the other teams started to arrive after their games, we said our goodbyes and walked into the main bar where the music was much better and the energy was good … and we decided to get a table there and we ordered more beer and discussed things like whether an Irish Car Bomb is tasteless name for a drink, and what would happen if you ordered one in Belfast.  And then we looked up …

The other teams had left.  It was past midnight.  Retro won the party on our bye week!

And that’s why I still f*ckin’ love this team as much now as ten years ago.

Showing up at 7:45 and then outlasting the teams that actually played that night. That definitely sounds like winning the bar to me. The real question is, who missed out on the Irish car bomb to take the picture? Or did the ask the server to take one?

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  • MER

    February 11, 2020 at 10:16 am

    This right here (as well as playing against some of these fine people for close to 20 years) is precisely why I love Retro.

    There is an apartment building on my route dropping the kids off at school for a company called Retro. They do like earthquake retrofitting or some such completely random and not ultimate-related whatever, but the company name is a font that’s huge and orange. So once everyday it reminds me of Retro and I think “Awww, Retro!”

    Lastly, 10 years of Retro demands a Retro video, just saying…


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