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I always feel pressure to write some kind of witty intro that has to do with the game, or the teams, or the season, or something relevant. Fortunately, Lance, of team KAPOW!, has me covered on this one with an Andy Bandit level deep-dive into KAPOW! v Retro stats.

One of the things that can be appreciated are the archives on the LAOUT website, which not only include the scores, but also the rosters, recaps, and much more from the previous games up to 2018. Curious about it? Check it out! 

Pregame stats and facts:
KAPOW! VS Retro record: K 0 – R 2
Previous meetings: 2016, 2018
Final game scores: 7 – 15 both times
Both teams wear orange.
KAPOW! went white in 2016 (I was at that game for support, practicing photography. The end zones were crooked for some reason).

Retro went white in 2018.

Retro entered the game 0-2 for the current season, losing to established winter league teams. They would like their first win of the season, and to continue beating us.

KAPOW! entered the game 2-0 for the current season, beating 2 fairly new and young winter league teams. We would like to continue our win streak, and to beat Retro for the first time.

Since both teams wear orange, I had made a suggestion a few years back when I took over the KAPOW! team that we swap who is in orange and who is in an alternate color every other regular season meeting. This time around it was Retro’s turn to be in orange. KAPOW! decided to go black this time, and other than looking cool, I won’t say why.


Seriously, last week at Rancho the winds were not half of that they were tonight. Apparently the app said it was 20 mph winds from the northeast with gusts up to 30 mph. If you’re not sure what that feels like, please enjoy this Contested Strip:

Retro won the flip and started with the wind on their backs. We started on defense. Due to how the lights work at Glendale, we decided that when they first dim, we would call for the cap – and play one additional point if the score was tied.

Most of the game took place on the southern third of the field. Retro took the first score, we traded points, and then they were up 4-2. The wind really destroyed the game on both sides. Toss the disc in a normal pickup game, it’s where it should be. Toss it here, and it’s an extra 10 yards in a direction you don’t want it. Somehow one of my throws that went directly where I intended it to go to got hit by an upward draft inches from my receivers hands, leaving both of us clueless of what just happened.

We fired back, scoring semi-quickly. Bobby threw into the wind to Brigitte, the wind gave the disc a small boost, allowing Brigitte to tap the disc to Meg, bringing the score to 3-4. The following point tied the game with Meg throwing the assist to Andrew. Our last score of the half from Matt Lawrence to Josh brought the game to 5-7. Retro returned the favor, scoring and taking the half 8-5.

At this point, we were playing much better than last week in much stronger wind, only needed 10 points to win, and were going to receive the disc to start the second. We had a much stronger second half, winning it if you would say, scoring 7 to their 6. We started trading points early, and took better control of the game as it blew on. The goals from Meg, Billy, Lawrence, Bobby, and Josh kept us alive to 9-13, but not without their respective assists from Billy, Matt, Billy, Matt, and Billy.

2 points later, Retro would pull the disc into a 30 mph gust. Billy took the out of bound, 15 yard pull centered at the Retro 30 yard line. A quick pass to Matt, continued to Meg for a score, bringing the game to 11-13.

Time was getting short, we knew that any further advancement towards winning would be tough. That short score provided encouragement, and knowing that we can score into the wind kept our spirits up.

The score was now 11-14, we had steam building, and half way through the point the lights dimmed exactly at 10:01 PM. That was it, the next goal would end the game. Josh threw the assist to Bri to end it 12-14. We cleaned the field of cones and pylons, did a quick cheer, left, and the lights went out shortly after.

Given enough time and not needing to get off the field asap, there is a chance this game could have gone into overtime. Also, given the fact that it was extremely windy with only 10-15 second breaks at a time, this game could have turned out completely different. Taking a look back at the team VS team history, I’m proud of the way that KAPOW! played, especially in the wind. Despite the loss, we’ve scored the most points against Retro that we every have, 5 more than before, and I’m happy with that.

Retro played a tough game, throwing more solid passes than we did, and scoring more quickly with the wind on their side with an average of about 2 – 2.2 minutes per point to our 2.4 – 2.6 minutes (estimated via UltiAnalytics with timeouts). Marcus Jones caught an amazing goal in the first half. And I thought there was a hammer in there somewhere.  Retro pulled through, snagging those breaks, and held the lead the entire game.

Good game Retro! We hope to play you in the tournament, or somewhere and sometime where, you know, it’s not a tornado.

After the wind tunnel of Rancho last week, I can’t say I’m sorry to have missed this Glendale tornado game. Sounds like it was a hard fought match-up, too.

Retro goes into their bye week next week with their first win of the season finally under their belts.

KAPOW! is now 2-1 and will play Animal Style 3-0 next Monday.

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