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As we approach the final weeks of Winter League, Rooks faced off against RETRO. Rooks, ever on top of our team, had put in a late order for jerseys and we finally got them with two games to go! Don’t get too excited. They look nearly the same as before. But I finally have a long sleeve jersey that fits, so it’s a win in my book!

RETRO’s captain, Meg, had sent us an email earlier in the day asking if their old teammate, Lish, could come play with them for a couple points for their 10-year team anniversary. We said she could play as long as every point she played for them, she also played one for us, and everyone agreed. Nice. Lish is finally a Rook. Colin’s lifetime achievement goal has been unlocked.

Rooks struck first and started the game off 2-0. And then RETRO warmed up and got back in it. We were trading points up to about 5s and then RETRO pulled ahead to take half 8-5. Rooks tried to pull it together, but RETROs defense was a force to be reckoned with, and they took the game 15-8. That said, the game was so fun and well spirited that we did two full lines of team high-fives! Now my lifetime achievement goal has been unlocked. Only thing better would have been if we nailed the Top Gun high-five low-five all the way through the line.

Some awesome highlights included Rooks’ very own Elaine with a sick attempt at a layout D in the endzone! (Except that she tipped it up and RETRO’s Allison Stickyhands caught the rebound.)

On one point, David on RETRO zipped around trying to cover literally everyone in the endzone. He was nearly successful, too!

Morgan on RETRO was bating me (and my entire team) left and right with her great closing speed. She apologized after each of her 3 run-through D’s against me, all of which were extremely clean. The only thing she needed to apologize for was bruising my ego as she burned past me.

Tommy made it to the fields late, but had the most entertaining catch for a score all game. It involved jazz hands and victory leap before he even caught it because he was so open.

Brooking had some awesome pulls for RETRO! Yay womxn pulling the disc!

Rooks handily won the bar because RETRO decided to bail on Joxers. And Colin completed day 399 of his duo-lingo streak. Daryl asked why he’s learning German, and Colin responded with “Die frauen.” He thinks he’s clever.

RETRO takes the win and is now 2-3. They’ll have their final game against Whiskey Discs next week who are currently 0-4 but have a game scheduled for tonight.

Rooks drops to 3-2 (still our best record ever) and we’ll play our last game against Animal Style (5-1) next week.

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