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Thanks to everyone that joined our latest Return to Play community meeting on May 5th! Here are some big-ticket notes that came from said meeting:

  1. LAOUT has intent to return to play with Fall Beach League
  2. Unfortunately due to field availability and case positivity – Summer league will not be happening this year
  3. However! LAOUT is working to get fields as early as July to provide clinics/pick up to help re-introduce ultimate back into our daily lives.

Below are some of your fellow community members’ comments/concerns/general thoughts that came up during the meeting. We love hearing from everyone during these meetings and like to share what was said, so please take a moment to read below:

  1. LAOUT is considering having another vaccination survey to determine how many members of our community have been vaccinated
  2. Members ranged from interested to not interested in this survey – those intrigued noted that they would feel safer knowing the percentage of vaccinated individuals whom they were playing against
  3. Those more disinterested felt either masks mitigated any risk or felt since LA was entering the yellow tier, masks and the survey weren’t as necessary
  4. Members were interested in the July/Aug field space and what that would look like
  5. Potential clinics and drills to reintroduce our bodies to the game
  6. Smaller games such as mini
  7. Octimate!
  8. Pickups that are LA neighborhood specific?
  9. Rule Modifications such as 6ft mark distance or someone stalling for you
  10. Makes defense difficult
  11. Could captains discuss beforehand about rule modifications based on if teams are vaccinated or not
  12. Some want a normal summer and no modifications
  13. Masks are a good middle ground to start

And here are some additional notes taken during the breakout room discussions.

RTP Notes 5-3-21

May RTP Meeting

One comment

  • Jeremy

    May 23, 2021 at 7:42 am

    Considering LA’s COVID positivity and death rates are some of the lowest in the country, the state is fully opening on June 15th, and the CDC has said outdoor gatherings are fine, I don’t think any of these measures are necessary. Anyone who isn’t vaccinated at this point has chosen not to be.


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