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Last week, Rooks had a bye, so we decided to do a team outing. Except that nobody made any plans and then it turned into everyone coming over to my house on a Friday night to do laundry and watch Greys Anatomy. At least, that was my plan for the evening.

Surprisingly, not everyone was as excited for these events as I was, so it evolved into a board game night. Suffice to say that there were some intense games and everyone stayed until 3AM! I normally go to bed around 10pm, so this late night really messed with my sleep and triggered a dream where Rooks basically forfeit our upcoming Monday game because I was busy with an impromptu board meeting and Colin forgot to get the team on the field even though EVERYONE WAS ALREADY THERE wandering around somewhere not where they needed to be.

BGF started assessing points and was at 6-0 when we finally got to the field in time to score one point before the lights went out. Or I woke up. Same thing.

Coming into the actual game on Monday, I was still a little shell-shocked from my Friday night dream. But the weather was perfect! Still a little warm, next to no breeze, and an awesome moonrise as we were getting to the field.

Rooks started with the first score, and then BGF decided they wanted to play too and went up 3-1. We kept it close and traded a few points until Rooks took have 8-5. I think. There was some sideline discussion on if it was actually half or if it was 7-5, but ultimately everyone decided on 8-5 and took a break.

Rooks pumped up the jams and went on a solid run to maybe 11-5? Not sure. But then BGF decided they weren’t having it and went on their own 3 point run. Shout outs to the lady in the white tutu (I think it was Nicole?) for her SICK layouts in the end zone! And to BGF’s Courtney for her great cuts and field awareness!

In the end, we finished the game 15-9 Rooks, and we now have what may be our best season record ever at 2-1.

BGF is a great team, and we had a ton of fun on the field with them! I LOVE to see teams with newbies coming into Winter League and giving it their all.

For our end-of-game cheer we finished with a big group hug. Of course we asked for consent first 🙂

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